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Joydeep Pal is an entrepreneur, market researcher, growth hacker, corporate advisor, and at his core, a PhD. His is the corporate masonry of classical magnates, bridging the gap between business and emerging research, his influence a sleek locomotive of inspired navigation in the changing labyrinths of technology and healthcare.

Joydeep Pal, PhD

Articles Written By Joydeep Pal, PhD

PhDs Are Entrepreneurs - 3 Ways To Start A Business And Quit Denying Your Leadership Skills

By: Joydeep Pal, PhD

Are you a PhD with your heart set on becoming a CEO? Pause for a moment and recognize how rare you are. The majority of PhDs will never cross the gap between working for other people and working for themselves. Entrepreneurship in general is rare, but becoming an entrepreneur after completing a PhD is exceptional. Study EU examined the largest companies on each continent, and they reported that among these companies’ CEOs, a mere 10% can boast a doctoral degree. But the question is this: Why don’t more PhDs go this route? After all, as a PhD, you have a…