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Mary has a PhD in Biochemistry and is the Operations Manager and Association Program Leader at Cheeky Scientist. She has a long-standing interest in helping PhDs succeed - she co-founded and led a university postdoc association, established several professional accountability groups, and is currently developing a PhD co-working community project. Mary also runs her own communications consulting business and co-chairs the Board of Trustees at an independent non-profit preschool.

Mary Truscott, PhD

Articles Written By Mary Truscott, PhD

These 3 Winning Strategies Can Save You From The Two-Body Problem

By: Mary Truscott, PhD

The Pew Research Center found that in nearly half of all two-parent families, both the mother and father work full-time. Within this same set of two-parent families, 26% consist of dads employed full-time and unemployed moms. Ready for the most revealing data? In a mere 2% of families, this is reversed: full-time moms and unemployed dads are 92% less common than the more traditional family models. The takeaway is that, statistically, women run a much higher risk than men when it comes to two-body compromise. Supporting this is research by Wolfinger et al, which found that a massive 89% of…

I Took A Break To Have Kids And It Hurt My Resume. Here's How I Got Hired Anyway

By: Mary Truscott, PhD

Having a child to care for does not mean that you need to put your job search aside. It is also not something that you need to hide. There are companies out there who are family-friendly and will support you as a working parent. But sadly, there are also companies that are not family-friendly. 83% of respondents who had children felt some level of pressure to return to work during their leave (Indeed). But, that leaves 17% of respondents working somewhere that fully and completely supported their parental leave. That’s where you want to aim to work. That is where…