Michael Pace, PhD, is a professional life scientist with 5+ years of clinically--and translationally--oriented research experience in neurodegenerative disorders, a broad biomedical knowledge base, and a passion for effective scientific communication and discovery.

Michael Pace, PhD

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7 Actionable Strategies To Build A Strong LinkedIn Network When You Are A PhD With No Industry Experience

By: Michael Pace, PhD

LinkedIn is a huge professional networking platform and it is growing. Hootsuite reported that 2 people join LinkedIn every second and, LinkedIn currently has more than 590 million users. This is an incredible resource for you to leverage. If you are not using LinkedIn you are missing out on a powerful resource. Plus, Forbes reported that 45% of the people on LinkedIn are in upper management. This is a place where you can connect with and learn from company leaders. Within the vast network of LinkedIn you will be able to find people in the companies and positions that you…