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Natalie C. Fredrette holds a PhD in Biomedical Science with expertise in endothelial and smooth muscle cell culture, function, and signaling.She has completed research testing drug candidates in hypertension, heart failure, atherosclerosis and vascular inflammation.

Natalie Fredrette, PhD

Articles Written By Natalie Fredrette, PhD

A Great LinkedIn Profile Isn't Enough - Networking Was The Key That Opened Doors For Me In Industry As A PhD

By: Natalie Fredrette, PhD

If you are using the internet as your main tool for learning about new job opportunities then you are missing out on the vast majority of available jobs. You’re seeing just the tip of the iceberg, as they say. For example, PayScale reported that between 70-80% of jobs are not advertised. Many companies do not advertise positions because the role will be filled through a referral faster than the advertisement can be made. Other companies incentivise employees and prefer candidates who come with a referral. The Association For Talent Development reported that you can expect to earn 6% more if…