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Nina is a subject matter expert in candidate-centered career consulting with an academic background in Psychology and professional expertise in Life Sciences staffing and recruiting. She actively pursues her own personal and professional development, and provides resources for those searching for breakthroughs in their careers. Currently, Nina works as a pro-bono career consultant for academic organizations and as a recruiting and business development consultant, and is actively developing her own business and entrepreneurial ventures.

Nina Mazurova, PhD

Articles Written By Nina Mazurova, PhD

5 Ways To Ensure Your Resume Makes A Winning First Impression

By: Nina Mazurova, PhD

We all know the power of first impressions. Everyone has had an experience where a strong first impression was a make it or break it moment. In a competitive industry job market, your resume is your first impression on hiring managers and recruiters, and it holds the power to lead you to success or destroy you in your job search. You need a tailored resume for every job you apply to. You need to perfect it so it creates an unforgettable first impression that makes managers and recruiters want to invite you to an interview and meet you in person.…

3 Success Strategies For A Winning Job Search Attitude

By: Nina Mazurova, PhD

Your mindset is the catalyst for your job search and the determinant of your ultimate success in landing an industry job. Not just any industry job, but one that you really want that can provide you not only with job satisfaction and fulfillment, but also start your entire career trajectory. Finding the right position requires mental strength and strategic action. If you clearly define your why before you submit a job application and keep an eye on your long-term goal, the unavoidable obstacles that appear during your job hunt will not be as demoralizing. Getting out of academia and securing…

Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Talking To A Job Recruiter

By: Nina Mazurova, PhD

An effective job search strategy has core fundamentals that set apart the best candidates. Learning how to build relationships and communicate effectively with recruiters to build career-long partnerships will give you an advantage in your industry job search. Knowing how to present yourself, your transferable skills, and your career goals to recruiters while avoiding these 5 mistakes will help you get the job you want that much faster.