Shobeir K. S. Mazinani, PhD, is currently enjoying his career as a Data Scientist. A former Computational Quantum Physicist, Shobeir’s rare expertise combines neatly with a fluency in Python and its constituent libraries, making him a sought-after professional in his growing field. He is a New Yorker with a black belt in Taekwondo, but his chief battle is strictly scientific: Shobeir’s analytical work helps pave the way toward safer traffic in the U.S.

Shobeir Mazinani, PhD

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I Learned These 3 Things, And Then I Got Hired As A Data Scientist

By: Shobeir Mazinani, PhD

Becoming a data scientist has changed my life. That’s not an exaggeration. Since becoming a data scientist, recruiters have invited me to apply for positions in their own organization. It wasn’t always like this though… It used to be the academic life for me – lengthy hours, little pay, and even less appreciation. But I made a decision to join Cheeky Scientist and take my career into my own hands. Now, it’s normal to receive multiple job offers, which I negotiate for higher salary and improved signing bonuses. Does this sound like a luxury? Like a distant achievement that you…

Why You Should Pursue A Career As A Data Scientist

By: Shobeir Mazinani, PhD

It’s no surprise to anyone that data scientists dig through a lot of data. While working for a company, they might collect data from in-the-field sales personnel or key stakeholders, such as liaisons or application scientists. A data scientist position is very numbers-heavy, and it can be fairly writing-heavy too. This role will involve writing extensive written reports that take analyzed data and communicate it to other personnel. But data scientists are too few in number. McKinsey and Company predicted that going forward, data scientists will be in high demand, and that there is a serious shortage of analytical talent.…