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Sidharth Mohan, PhD, is a researcher with expertise in protein biochemistry and information technology. He strives to improve the quality of human life through better, more-affordable drugs and healthcare.

Sidharth Mohan, PhD

Articles Written By Sidharth Mohan, PhD

7 Tips To Writing LinkedIn Messages For Rewarding Job Referrals

By: Sidharth Mohan, PhD

A recent study found that 70% of people were hired at a company where they had a connection (LinkedIn). 70%! As a job seeker, you must know how to network on LinkedIn. If you do not know how to use LinkedIn, you are missing out on an enormous resource. The power of LinkedIn actually goes beyond your “first connections” because most job referrals come from second and third degree connections (Fast Company). And, not only do job referrals boost your chances at getting hired, but referrals have also been shown to increase starting salary. A study in The Review Of…