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Tavis Mendez is a scientist in transition who has a passion for benchwork and communicating biomedical research to the public. Dreaming of becoming a scientist since his adolescent years, he obtained his Ph.D. in a parasitology lab, but has also travelled across the USA and to Asia to study cancer and hypertension. In his free time, Tavis loves to conduct culinary experiments in his kitchen.

Tavis Mendez, PhD

Articles Written By Tavis Mendez, PhD

6 Trends PhDs Must Know About The Biopharma Market

By: Tavis Mendez, PhD

Biotechnology and pharma have been growing steadily for many years now, and there is no sign that this growth will plateau any time soon. Despite a decrease in biopharma market capitalization last year, the industry still saw a 14% increase in the number of employees (Ernst and Young). And this year, the industry has bounced back and is looking strong. In a single year, the biopharma industry added $1.2 trillion dollars to the US economic output (US Department Of Commerce). There is no shortage of opportunity for PhDs in the biopharma industry. But, to beat out the competition and land…

Top 5 Careers for Engineering PhDs

By: Tavis Mendez, PhD

The world of engineering has an array of choices available to PhDs. The time to start understanding what is available to you is now. The sooner you begin networking with industry professionals, the better your chances are for landing a job outside of academia. You are doing your career a disservice by limiting yourself to academia. In industry, your engineering PhD can earn you a position in chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, aerospace engineering, computer software engineering, or telecommunications engineering. The choice is yours to make.

5 Best Work-From-Home Jobs For PhDs

By: Tavis Mendez, PhD

No matter what stage of your career you are at, it is not too late to consider changing to a remote working position. The amount of people working remotely is increasing as people become more focused on having a good work-life balance. Working remotely allows you the freedom to choose when and where you work without sacrificing pay. By transitioning out of academia and into an industry position, not only will you finally be paid well, but there are many job options that offer the ability to work remotely, including medical writing, scientific editing, consulting, translating, and senior CRA positions.…

5 Ways Jobs Differ Between Small And Large Companies

By: Tavis Mendez, PhD

Industry jobs are ripe with opportunity. Whether you move into an industry job with a small company or a large one, there are pros and cons to each one that you need to be aware of before you interview. Both have unique opportunities and a corporate culture that might suit one PhD but not another. Whether you want more focused work or like to wear many hats, the private sector has a job for everyone. Here are five important differences between small and large industry companies.

6 Questions To Ask At A Job Interview

By: Tavis Mendez, PhD

Interviewing is the most crucial and time-consuming aspect of the hiring process. You have proven your skills on paper and now your interview preparation is about doing your homework to be able to give the best answers for the hiring team’s questions. The final missing piece that many PhDs miss is coming prepared with their own questions to ask back. The market and your expertise allow you to be selective and assess if this is the best job for you, given your future career aspirations. Go to your next industry interview armed with these 6 questions to land the perfect…

5 Stimulating Jobs For The Extroverted PhD

By: Tavis Mendez, PhD

Some PhDs are most comfortable and even most passionate alone in a lab. But it’s not for everyone. Many PhDs find that level of isolation depressing and understimulating. Extroverted PhDs can thrive in industry jobs that have challenge, stimulation, and social contact. If you’re one of these, then your transferable skills put you in high demand for any of these 5 industry jobs with high levels of professional growth and income.