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Todd Nolan holds a PhD in Physiology from East Carolina University. He is a neuroscientist who has guided development of the first operant pain testing system resulting in the OPAD system subsequently licensed by Stoelting.

Todd Nolan

Articles Written By Todd Nolan

5 Personality Types To Avoid At Your Next PhD Networking Event

By: Todd Nolan

Networking correctly is not easy. If you’re networking correctly, you’re investing your time and energy into developing long-term professional relationships. Networking takes work. It takes effort and engagement. You can’t merely show up to an event, throw a few business cards at people, and expect to get a strong job referral. Instead, you have to show up, build rapport, and offer value even when you feel like you have nothing to offer. The worst thing you can do is show up to an event and beg for connections, cling onto one person the whole night, or check your phone repeatedly.…

6 Networking Event Tips For Quiet Introvert PhDs (Like Me)

By: Todd Nolan

If you feel out of place at noisy, crowded networking events, you’re not alone. Studies show that that introverts make up one-third to half of the population. Once you realize you're not alone in your fear or discomfort of networking, things will start getting better. Those other smiling faces at the networking events you've been attending are uncomfortable too. Like you, they’re human. By executing the right strategies, you can start channeling your nervous energy productively. You can go from hiding in the corner at networking events to easily walking up to someone to introduce yourself and ask intelligent questions.…