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Vanessa Wood-Braband holds a PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering. Her research experience spans a decade and includes mechanical engineering, energy, and physical science roles, granting her both real-world experience and knowledge in a diverse range of related scientific fields.

Vanessa Wood-Braband, PhD

Articles Written By Vanessa Wood-Braband, PhD

What I Learned By Completely Blowing My First Informational Interview (For PhDs)

By: Vanessa Wood-Braband, PhD

A top concern for 55% of PhDs is their career path (Nature), because many graduate schools do not teach or prepare PhDs for careers outside of the university setting. A survey of more than 800 university staff members from 226 institutions found that 62% of respondents reported that only 44% of universities have professional development programs that prepare graduate students for non-academic careers. And, students are the ones who are suffering (Council of Graduate Schools). Only 33% of graduate students felt that their university provided useful advice about careers outside academia (Nature). If your university is not going to teach…

17 Strategies For Introverts To Use When Networking For Job Referrals

By: Vanessa Wood-Braband, PhD

Networking is what will get you hired in industry. 40% of hires come from referrals, but only 7% of applicants even have a referral (Undercover Recruiter). Very few people get referrals because doing so requires effort. Getting a referral requires you to put yourself out there, to meet new people, and to network. This includes in-person networking, which can be tough for introverts. But, the rapport you can build and the value you can gain from physically meeting someone is much higher than what is possible through online networking. A request made in person is 34 times more successful than…