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The Engineering PhD Circle Gets PhDs Like You Hired In Industry

Introducing The Engineering PhD Circle By Cheeky Scientist

  • Get information specifically about transitioning into a wide variety of industry careers where you can apply the transferable knowledge you developed during graduate school
  • Learn how to write a resume & CV that hiring managers will actually respond to
  • Become more confident in your interviewing skills
  • Create the perfect LinkedIn profile targeted to your dream industry position
  • Find out what industry positions will fit your personal circumstances and professional goals
  • Know what options you have outside of your niche subject area
  • Get insights into the importance of networking and how you can take advantage of your network to propel your industry career

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Engineering PhD Circle Career Track

Here Is A Sneak Peek At What EPC Members Get Access To...

Find out more about
Engineering PhD Circle Career Track

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There was a time when getting an Engineering PhD was a thing of glory. It was deeply challenging to obtain an advanced degree, but once you had it, career success was inevitable. You were treated as valuable in academia.

But this is no longer the case.

For most Engineering PhD students and postdocs, tenured professorship is a lie. Day in and day out, Engineering PhDs exhaust themselves and allow academia to chip away at their mental and emotional well being. The Engineering PhD Circle is not satisfied with this trend. We are dedicated to showing PhDs something they have forgotten about themselves…

Their incredible value.

Industry needs what Engineering PhDs have to offer, and we have the resources you need to change your life with a high-paying, top-level industry career that fulfills you personally and professionally. It’s time to remember your value as an Engineering PhD and take your career into your own hands.

Here’s The Targeted Guidance You’ll Receive From The Engineering PhD Circle…

Module 1 –  Your Journey Into Industry

You need the right mindset and a proven job search strategy to transition into the industry. This module covers…

  • Job Search Motivation. This module presents 11 reasons why you should expect a satisfying future industry role; the reasons that resonate most with you will propel your job search.
  • Finding Your Strengths. You’ll learn 7 questions you should ask yourself to identify your strengths so you can target a role that uses them.
  • Personality Traits And Your Career. This module outlines 4 dichotomous categories and 3 action-driving “centers” you can use to gain fresh a perspective on how you work best.
  • PhD Job Search Strategy. You’ll find out how you should allocate your time among the 4 main job search components for optimal job search efficiency.

Module 2 – Know Your Options

Your Engineering PhD qualifies you for more top careers than you may realize. This module covers…

  • Career Tracks For Engineering PhDs. This module organizes the most suitable jobs for Engineering PhDs into 3 tracks based on primary function.
  • Research And Development Careers. There are 14 jobs for those who favor designing research projects, conducting experiments and collecting data.
  • Information And Data Management Careers. You’ll learn about 8 roles that are ideal for Engineering PhDs who enjoy creating data infrastructure, analyzing data, and articulating data-driven insights.
  • Sales And Marketing Careers. This module features 4 roles for those who thrive on interpersonal activities such as relationship building and interacting with customers.

Module 3 – Finding The Perfect Fit

You know your technical knowledge, but you also need to know your transferable knowledge to secure a job offer. This module covers…

  • Why Transferable Knowledge Matters. You’ll discover how the 2 types of transferable experiences count as experience for roles that aren’t explicitly in your work history.
  • Transferable Experiences. This module presents 25 in-demand transferable skills and explains how your PhD work showcases them.
  • Personal Skills. There are 7 personal skills that most Engineering PhDs have that can set them apart from other job candidates.
  • This module directs you to 14 additional courses for those wanting to further boost their professional profile for their target position.

Module 4 – Networking & Interviewing

Few Engineering PhD programs provide guidance on personal branding for the job market. This module covers…

  • Resume. You’ll master the 3 parts of compelling bullet point construction and the 5 components of modern resumes.
  • LinkedIn. This module describes the 13 LinkedIn profile sections and how to craft each so that your LinkedIn stands out.
  • Networking. This module demystifies networking by presenting 5 accessible networking outlets and explicit strategies for using them.
  • Interviews. You’ll learn the 3 interview stages and 10 questions employers use to screen Engineering PhD job candidates.

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Engineering PhD Circle Career Track

Get Access To Engineering PhD Circle Mentoring Program & Network

If you’re determined to transition into industry and you’ve chosen the Engineering PhD Circle to make that happen, we’d like to welcome you.

As fellow engineering PhDs who oversee the EPC at the Cheeky Scientist Association, we know firsthand the challenges you face, the questions you have, and the information you’ll need to succeed.

We’re ready to empower you to make the transition, and we hope to meet you in the private group soon.

To your success,

The Engineering PhDs at the Cheeky Scientist Association

Success Stories

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Find out more about
Engineering PhD Circle Career Track

12.2% Percentage of Engineering PhDs who secure employment in academia by their graduation date (NSF).
3X Increase in the number of PhDs who have had to apply for food stamps, unemployment, or other government assistance because of the current recession (NPR).
68,000 Postdocs in the U.S. alone are waiting for tenured professorships (The Economist).
85% Percentage of jobs filled through networking (LinkedIn).
1/2+ Of faculty members currently teach part time (Forbes)
57% Percentage of Industry leaders who say transferable skills are more important than technical skills (Fast Company)

Find out more about
Engineering PhD Circle Career Track