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Management Consulting Firm

The Management Consulting Firm, or MCF, will ensure you get into a high-paying Management Consulting career where you will leverage your knowledge of the scientific method and your communication background to advise companies on how to solve their most complicated problems. The MCF program leader and board members are Management Consultants currently working in industry, and they will mentor you about the practice Management Consulting field, how to communicate your relevant experience throughout all steps of the hiring process, and how to find the right Management Consulting career for you—no matter your background. This is the only program designed specifically for PhDs by other PhDs currently working in top Management Consulting roles.

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Management Consulting Firm Career Track

Find out more about
Management Consulting Firm Career Track

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About The Management Consulting Firm

As soon as you become an MCF member, you get access to the MCF dashboard, which includes 4 modules with 40+ videos, 8 advanced workbooks, and 5 case studies to mentor you for your interview. You also get access to monthly members-only webinars about relevant topics in Management Consulting. Finally, you get lifetime access to a private job referral network of Management Consultants and Management Consulting hiring managers, and guaranteed feedback from these Management Consultants 24/7 on any job search-related question so you can get hired as a Management Consultant now.

Here’s the Targeted Mentoring You’ll Receive From The Management Consulting Firm...

Module #1 

The Management Consulting Industry: What You Should Know

You know you want to be a management consultant, but you aren’t completely sure of what the role encompasses nor which companies hire management consultants. This module covers…

  • What management consulting is and what the role of a management consultant encompasses. You’ll get insights on the importance of the management consultant field, why managers need consulting, and the structure of a management consulting project.
  • The organization of the consulting industry. This module presents the different companies that hire management consultants, what is the difference between Tier 1, Tier 2, and Boutiques firms, and what you should consider before joining each of them.
  • What a day in the life of a management consultant looks like. This module explores the main activities that a management consultant must perform on a day-to-day basis. It also discusses what it’s really like to be a management consultant and what are the roles you’re expected to achieve during and in between engagements.
  • The experience you’ll gain from being a management consultant. Management consultants develop important abilities at a pace that is difficult to match in other positions. This module presents the understanding you will gain as a management consultant and how you can leverage in your career progression.

Module #2 

Hiring Process Overview

You want to know which are the steps of the management consultant hiring process and what you should consider while going through each of those steps. This module covers…

  • The recruiting process for management consultants. You will learn about each of the steps of a recruiting process for management consultants, how long each of them takes, and who in the hiring company you will be interacting with.
  • How many rounds of interview you should expect. This module dissects the interview rounds of a typical management consulting hiring process. We will explain the difference between them in terms of who will be performing these interviews and what kind of questions you should expect.
  • Introduction to the case interview. The case interview is the most characteristic step of the management consulting hiring process. It is not only the part of the process you have to prepare the most for, it is also the best way to assess if you will enjoy working as a management consultant. As such, the MCF covers the case interview extensively. This module gives a first overlook of the case interview, explaining why it is important, what employers are looking for during a case interview, and which questions you should expect.
  • Case interview frameworks. To have the right approach during a case interview, you need to understand what a framework is, what are the main framework types, and how to apply them to particular situations. You will learn all of that during this module.

Module #3

The Case Interview

Increase your chances of landing a management consultant position by learning the structure of a case interview and knowing how to prepare for it. This module covers…

  • The structure of the case interview. The case interview can take a long time and it follows a series of defined steps. In this module, you will learn what are the steps of the case interview, how long does each step take, and what you should consider in each of them.
  • The language you should use during a case interview. You have to make sure you are conveying your thought structure to hiring managers during the case interview. This module covers what you should say at each stem and give you scripts that you can use as a base when you are preparing for an interview.
  • How to practice. Once you start practicing case interviews, you will need to have a method. This module provides a practicing framework that will ensure you know how to tackle each step of the case interviews so you can wow interviewers and increase your chances of getting hired.
  • Relevant case studies. The only way to be prepared for a case interview is by practicing. This module provides five real-life case studies that you can use to practice and apply the strategies we cover in this and previous modules.

Module #4

Fit Interview And Resume

You don’t need to be an expert programmer to be a successful data scientist, but some programming basis will definitely help your chances of landing the job. This module covers…

  • Python for data scientists. This module analyzes why Python is the most-widely used programming language among data scientists. It also presents some useful resources to use pick up this language.
  • R for data scientists. This module explores the pros and cons of learning R and applying it to data science. It also compares R and Python, exploring which one you should learn as an aspiring data scientist.
  • How can you apply your previous experience in programming to data science. This module gives an overview of other programming languages used in data science and how you can apply your previous programming knowledge to the field.
  • The trends of programming languages used in data science. This module studies the trends in the field of data sciences and recommends which programs you should learn depending on the type of positions you are targeting.

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Management Consulting Firm Career Track

The #1 Management Consulting Mentorship Program For PhDs Only

This is the only program designed specifically for PhDs by other PhDs currently working in top Management Consulting roles. The MCF program leaders and board members have already made their transition, and they currently work in different companies across the world. This program will ensure your transition into a high-paying and well respected Management Consultant position, even if you don’t have industry experience or an MBA from a top business school. Once you are hired as a Management Consultant, you will be able to influence some of the most important decisions made by managers in all industries, stay on the leading edge of technology, and impact the business model of different companies.

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20% of new hires in consulting firms are STEM PhDs (Science Magazine
14% this is how much faster management consulting jobs grow compared to the average (Linchpin SEO)
30,000 number of new consulting firms created each year (Ibis World)
$200 billion+ worth of the global Management Consulting market (Beroe)
$90,000 is the average entry-level salary for a management consultant (
$350,000 is the average yearly salary for senior management consultants (

Find out more about
Management Consulting Firm Career Track