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Introducing The Medical Science Liaison Alliance By Cheeky Scientist

  • The Medical Science Liaison (MSLs) position is the #1 highest paying industry position for PhDs out of academia.
  • MSL positions are also the #4 highest paying worldwide (CBS Money Report).
  • MSL positions have increased by over 38% and MSL is one of the fastest growing jobs in the world (McKinsey).
  • MSL and similar Medical Affairs positions are available worldwide, including in the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Europe, Asia, Australia, India, Japan, China, and more.
  • MSL positions are highly competitive with only 1-2% of applicants getting hired (Monster Jobs).
  • PhDs are now the fastest growing segment of MSLs with more PhDs hired into MSL roles than MDs and PharmDs.
  • Join the MSL Alliance waitlist below to learn more about getting hired into this exciting, high-demand career track.

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Medical Science Liaison Alliance Career Track

Here Is A Sneak Peek At What MSLA Members Get Access To...

Find out more about
Medical Science Liaison Alliance Career Track

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About The MSL Alliance

The Medical Science Liaison Alliance will give you access to the MSL network and MSL-specific information you need to get hired into a top MSL position. The MSLA is run by Senior MSLs in industry and MSL hiring managers. When you become an MSLA member, you get access to our complete protocol for becoming an industry MSL. This protocol is proven to get any PhD, regardless of their professional background, into an MSL position. Clinical experience is not required. Signaling pathway experience is not needed. This program has helped life scientists, physical scientists, engineers, social scientists, and even humanities PhDs get into MSL positions. The program includes 50+ guided videos, 10 advanced workbooks, and interviews with top MSLs at Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Takeda, and more. You also get lifetime access to a private job referral network of MSLs and MSL hiring managers and guaranteed instant feedback from these MSLs 24/7 on any job search-related question so you can get hired as an MSL now.

Here’s the Targeted Mentoring You’ll Receive from the Medical Science Liaison Alliance

Module #1 MSL Foundations – Part 1: Working as an MSL MSL Foundations – Part 2: How to Succeed as an MSL

You know you want to be an MSL, but you aren’t completely sure of all the responsibilities and expectations that come with the role. This module covers…

  • What an MSL is expected to accomplish each week and what an average day can involve. You’ll get the inside details of what it takes to bring healing therapies to medical thought leaders and patient populations.
  • What an MSL is and isn’t—this module explains how MSLs are vastly different from sales representatives and how MSLs provide an expertise that’s unique in the world of medicine. This module reveals why you’ll never sell anything and what your role will involve when it comes to off-label drug therapies.
  • The facts you must know regarding government regulations, like the Sunshine Act and other regulatory and legal boundaries you need to be aware of as you enter the MSL role. MSL-targeted information helps you enter interviews prepared so you avoid making statements that could decrease your chances of a job offer.
  • The different measures companies use to determine MSL success and how to interpret a company’s culture from your interview experience. This module prepares you to critically evaluate a potential company so you accept the offer that’s best for you.

Module #2 The MSL Industry MSL Career Progression

Understand how FDA-approved drugs enter the market as well as the career path you can take once you land an MSL position. This module covers…

  • A blow-by-blow description of how an experimental drug is tested and approved for nationwide use. This module equips you with the background knowledge you’ll need for interviews.
  • How involved MSLs are when it comes to drug development. You’ll learn how MSL hires correlate to the phases of the drug lifecycle and how you can leverage this knowledge to benefit your job search.
  • How MSLs profile and interact with medical thought leaders during a drug’s development. You’ll also gain a critical tip for what you should never do as you interact with leading physicians.
  • What your future may hold as an MSL. Understand the different career paths you can work toward once you’re a Medical Science Liaison. This module will help you understand the potential job options available.

Module #3 Reverse Engineering Your Ideal MSL Role Preparing for the Hiring Process

Increase your chances of landing an MSL position by learning how to identify and prepare for a position that aligns with your academic experiences. This module covers…

  • How to leverage your scientific background to assert your qualifications for the MSL role as well as why the number of positions you’re qualified for may be broader than you think.
  • How to identify your expertise and match your academic forte to various disease states. This module explains how you can determine which therapies you could most effectively provide education on, given your technical knowledge as a PhD.
  • How to select companies to apply for based on your research so that you find an organization that aligns with your background. This module will also reveal a handy tool for uncovering unexpected job opportunities.
  • How to tailor your LinkedIn profile and resume for your future MSL role. Discover how you can know what language to choose for your resume and even what kind of background picture you should select for your LinkedIn profile. On top of that, this module provides two resumes you can instantly use in your job search.

Module #4 Networking and Increasing Your MSL Value The Interview

When it comes to securing an MSL job offer, you can significantly improve your chances with the right techniques. This module covers…

  • Some key ways to build a network that will help you transition to the MSL role. You’ll also gain critical questions you can use for informational interviews as well as insights on connecting with other MSLs.
  • How you can distinguish yourself and further your knowledge with events, educational courses, and other opportunities. Begin to think outside of the box when it comes to how you’re positioning yourself for available MSL positions.
  • The transferable experience you must have for an MSL position. You’ll discover why the emphasis is not on proving your scientific acumen but on showcasing your people skills, what obstacles you can expect in your role, and why you’ll need to be adept at asking questions.
  • How to successfully field phone interviews and showcase your MSL knowledge and company research. You’ll also gain a technique that can demonstrate your productivity, competency, and knowledge to your hiring manager. This module will also cover what you need to know when it comes to public speaking.

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Medical Science Liaison Alliance Career Track

The #1 MSL Mentoring Program For PhDs Only

This is the only MSL mentoring program specifically for PhDs and was created by (1) PhDs currently working in senior MSL roles and (2) top MSL hiring managers. The MSLA program leaders and board members currently work at Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Takeda, Regeneron, Shire, and more. This program will ensure you transition into a high-paying and well-respected MSL position even if you don’t have industry experience, clinical experience, or a background in cell signaling pathways. Once you are hired as an MSL, you will be able to stay on the leading edge of science and impact the lives of patients while making your own schedule, enjoying frequent travel, and working with key opinion leaders.

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Medical Science Liaison Alliance Career Track

#1 highest paying career for PhDs out of academia (New Market)
#4 highest paying "entry-level" career overall (CBS Money)
$115,137 is the median MSL salary worldwide (PayScale)
$22,468 average MSL bonus earned annually (PayScale)
75% hiring increase for MSL positions in the last decade (Monster)
1-2% success rate of job candidates without training who apply for MSL positions

Find out more about
Medical Science Liaison Alliance Career Track