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Introducing The Product Management Group By Cheeky Scientist

The Product Management Group, or PMG, will ensure you get into a comfortable-paying product management career where you will leverage your existing communication and leadership knowledge. The PMG board members are PhDs currently working in Product Management roles, and they will mentor you about industry careers, how to communicate your relevant experience throughout all steps of the hiring process, and how to find the right product management career for you—no matter your background. This is the only program designed specifically for PhDs by other PhDs currently working in top product management roles.

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Product Management Group Career Track

Here Is A Sneak Peek At What PMG Members Get Access To...

Find out more about
Product Management Group Career Track

About The Product Management Group

As soon as you become a PMG member, you get access to the PMG dashboard, which includes 4 modules with 40+ videos, 8 advanced workbooks, transcripts, and slide decks. You also get access to monthly members-only webinars about relevant topics on Product Management Careers. Finally, you get lifetime access to a private job referral network of Product Management Professionals, and guaranteed feedback from these Product Management and Career Specialists on any job search-related question so you can get hired in a Product Management Position now.

Here’s the Targeted Mentoring You’ll Receive From The Product Management Group...

Product Management- An Introduction

You know you want to become a product manager. To make this transition, you’ll need to understand the product management industry. This module covers…

  • Products. This module defines and illustrates the five levels that can constitute a product. You’ll also learn the stages of the product commercial lifecycle and the product development cycle.
  • Product Management. This module details the aspects of product management required throughout a product’s lifecycle. It covers product marketing and compares product management in different industries.
  • The Product Manager Role. This module introduces the main types of activities that product managers perform and the stakeholders they interact with.
  • Product Management Career Differentiators. This module explains how project manager roles compare with similarly titled jobs. You’ll find out what differentiates product manager roles from product owner, project manager, and program manager roles.

Product Manager- Details Of The Role

You want to know what being a product manager involves and what experience is required for success. This module covers…

  • Earning Potential And Lifestyle. This module presents product manager salary ranges based on seniority level, geographic location, and company size. It also outlines the hours that product managers may work depending on what activities they are conducting. 
  • A Day In The Life Of A Product Manager. This module delineates the research, strategy, and communication activities that product managers perform. You’ll learn about each of these activities in detail and how much of their time a product manager should expect to contribute to each to achieve their objectives.
  • Product Management Terminology. This module defines specialized product management terms and concepts such as forecasting, SWOT analysis, product line, and more. You’ll learn how to speak the language of the product management industry.

Essential knowledge. This module details the most important technical and transferable knowledge for product managers as well as how you have already developed them in your PhD training. It also points you to resources and communities to further boost your profile as a product manager.

Product Management Interviews- The Path To Getting Hired

You’ll need a well-thought-out job search strategy to secure a position as a product manager. This module covers…

  • Job Search Toolkit. To transition into product management from academia, you will need to reframe your PhD experience using industry-specific keywords. This module provides key insights to help you accomplish this task through your resume, LinkedIn, and networking.
  • Product Management Experience. This module highlights product management courses, internships, and other activities you can do to strengthen your product manager application.
  • Interview Questions. You’ll find out what questions to expect during a phone screen, phone interview, video interview, and on-site interview. This module also supplies example prompts for product manager interview presentations.
  • Interview Preparation. This module provides strategies you should employ to get ready for each of your product manager interviews. You’ll learn how to research the company you are interviewing with and its products so that you can portray yourself as a top candidate.

Career Trajectory- What Comes Next?

Now that you have secured a position as a product manager, what next steps should you take to continue growing professionally and personally? This module covers…

  • Onboarding. This module explains what to expect and how to behave during your first few months on the job. You’ll discover what policies, processes, and people you’ll want to familiarize yourself with during this time to set a trajectory for long-term career success.
  • Vertical Career Progression For Product Managers. You’ll learn the product management hierarchy, which extends from entry-level to executive-level positions.
  • Horizontal Management Moves. As a product manager, you will gain knowledge that is coveted in other managerial roles. This module outlines these roles and how your product manager experience can facilitate your transition into one of them.
  • Future Career Paths. Your product manager experience is readily transferable to several different top PhD-level jobs. You’ll find out what abilities you will need to highlight and those you may need to build if you choose to pursue one of these careers.

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The #1 Product Management Career Mentoring Program For PhDs Only

This is the only program designed specifically for PhDs by other PhDs currently working in top Product Management roles. The PMG program leaders and board members have already made their transition and they currently work in different Product Management companies across the world. This program will ensure your transition into a comfortable-paying and well-respected Product Management position, even if you don’t have previous experience out of academia. Once you are hired into a Product Management position, you will be able to directly impact the lives of tax payers by influencing which policies, procedures, and projects come into effect.

Find out more about
Product Management Group Career Track

Accountability Increases Your Chances Of Winning A Promotion...

21,000 Product Management Job Opening Listed Worldwide (Indeed)
$109,000 Is the average annual salary for a product manager in the U.S.
34.2% Percentage by which the right product manager can increase a company's profits (The 280 Group)
#4 Best job in the United States (Glassdoor)
500,000 The increase in Product Management positions in the last years (The Product Manager)
42% of startups fails because they can't create a product that solves a need in the market

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