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Introducing The R&D Society Third Edition By Cheeky Scientist

The R&D Society, or RDS for short, will ensure that you get hired into a prestigious R&D position where you can do meaningful research and be paid well for it. As a PhD, you likely have plenty of Research experience, but little or no Development experience, which means you have the “R” in R&D but not the “D.” RDS will mentor you in “Development” so you can finally get hired into a high-paying, meaningful R&D position in industry. The RDS program leaders and board members are senior R&D professionals with PhDs working at Regeneron, Intel, Google, Apple, Dow Chemical, Pfizer, Zeiss, Estée Lauder, L’Oréal, and more.

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Research & Development Society Career Track

Here Is A Sneak Peek At What RDS Members Get Access To...

Find out more about
Research & Development Society Career Track

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About The R&D Society

As soon as you become an RDS member, you get access to the RDS library dashboard, which includes 60+ advanced informational videos, 18 advanced workbooks, and interviews with top R&D professionals. You also get instant, lifetime access to a private job referral network of R&D professionals and R&D hiring managers and guaranteed instant feedback from these R&D professionals 24/7 on any job search-related question so you can get hired into your target R&D position now.

Here’s The Targeted Guidance You’ll Receive From The R&D Society...

Module #1 The Relevance Of R&D Across Industries

You know you want to pursue a career in R&D but don’t know where to start or what are the options that the field has to offer PhDs. This module covers…

  • The importance of R&D for innovation in different industries. By the end of this module, you will have a broad understanding of the R&D field and the role it plays in guaranteeing that companies in different industries can innovate and stay relevant in the market.
  • Relevant trends in Research and Development. You might think that R&D is only relevant in the pharma and biotech industries, but in reality, all enterprises – private companies, public companies, and even full countries – invest in Research and Development. By the end of this module, you will be expert in trends that are shaping the R&D Marketplace.
  • The different industries that invest in Research and Development—from food and beverage to gaming. Understand the goals and interest of companies in each industry and why working in cosmetics might suit you better than working in telecom or vice versa.
  • What you need to know about global R&D investments.

Module #2 Industry R&D Day-To-Day Knowledge & Activities

You understand academic life, but, more than likely, R&D positions are a mystery. To demystify the world of research and development and help you know what to expect, this module covers…

  • What your typical day will look like once you transfer to an industry position and how your work environment will differ. You will learn about the tightly focused work environment at major companies currently investing in R&D.
  • What separates academic and industry research and the difference between R&d companies versus r&D companies. By the end of this module, you’ll understand what type of company would best suit your skills and work preferences.
  • What you need to know about publishing, conferences, and successfully transitioning to your first job.
  • Essential transferable skills for R&D professionals. This module details the most sought-after transferable skills for R&D professionals, no matter the industry or company. It also explains how you have already developed these skills during your PhD and how to highlight them during the job search.

Module #3 PhD-Level Positions In R&D Departments

You know that you want to transition into a rewarding industry position where you can stay in close proximity to top of the line research and innovation, but you are only familiar with two or three positions in R&D. To help you evaluate your options and target your job search, this module explores…

  • The main aspects you should consider when evaluating what is the best industry position for you based on your desired lifestyle. You will also learn how to evaluate company culture and how to determine if a given company is the right fit for you.
  • PhD-level industry positions in Research & Development. This module discusses popular R&D positions for PhDs and how they are different from each other so you can establish the best fit for you and target your job search accordingly.
  • Industry research roles for PhDs. If you want to conduct and manage research to develop new products, systems, and treatments, you should give each of these positions serious consideration.
  • Project Management roles in Research & Development. Project Management plays a significant role in ensuring that a company achieves its R&D goals. If you want to use your leadership skills to make sure the goals of R&D departments across industries are achieved on time and within budget, the positions in this category will be a good fit for you.

Module #4 Setting Up A Job Search Strategy

This module is all about organizing and prioritizing your job search so you can execute the job search process quickly and effectively. You’ll discover…

  • The main factors you need to consider when setting up a job search strategy to ensure you get the most results for time invested.
  • The two types of event networking activities you should engage in and how one type of networking activity can help you bypass competition to make a positive impression with company professionals.
  • What you need to know about recruiters and how you can leverage contract-to-hire positions. Even if you haven’t considered a staffing solution, this module explains the benefits of this option for getting your foot in the door of your future company.
  • How to craft a resume that increases the chances a company will read it as well as how to create a CV that’s tailored for an industry position. This module will detail the ingredients of a strong bullet point for your summary and how you can incorporate details that underscore your suitability for an R&D position.

Module #5 The Interview Process For R&D Positions

If you’re wondering how R&D companies choose candidates, then this module will help you understand the typical process. This module covers…

  • The process you can expect once HR reaches out for an interview. Know what HR is attempting to discover and what you should never discuss with HR during the phone call.
  • The unexpected questions a hiring manager may ask you and how you can effectively navigate this scenario. This module will explain some queries that may catch you by surprise so you can start preparing now.
  • What a typical site visit looks like and what skills and behaviors a company will evaluate you on. Know what situations to avoid, what questions to ask, and what to do in difficult situations. This module helps you enter an R&D company site prepared and ready to take on new challenges.
  • Get the facts on how your industry presentation will differ from the presentations you’ve given in academia. You’ll understand everything from how to make a good first impression to the details you need to include in your slides. Discover what a research and development company is thinking during your interview so you answer critical questions in the best way.

Module #6 Onboarding & Career Progression

Landing an R&D position is only the beginning of a new chapter in your career. Enter the industry with a forward-thinking mindset. This module covers…

  • The First 90 Days. This module explains what to expect and how to behave during your first few months on the job to set yourself on a trajectory for long-term career success, as well as the importance of a successful onboarding process for employee retention and satisfaction.
  • Options for career progression. Your industry career is not set in stone, it continues to evolve as you grow professionally. This module explains the opportunities you have for career growth so you can plan your next steps.
  • The company ladder you would climb in a larger company as well as what positions you could seek in a smaller company. There’s a difference between startups, smaller companies, and giant players in the R&D space, and this module will help you distinguish between the three.
  • What positions you can transition to—should you ever desire a different company role. Your scientific position can open many opportunities, and this module will help you understand other jobs and their accompanying duties.

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Research & Development Society Career Track

Take Your Research From The Academic Setting And Into The Real World

This program will ensure that you get hired into a prestigious R&D position where you can do meaningful scientific work and be paid well for it. As a PhD, you likely have plenty of Research experience, but little or no Development experience, which means you have the “R” in R&D but not the “D.” RDS will guide you in “Development” so you can finally get hired into a high-paying, meaningful R&D position in industry.

The RDS program was designed to show PhDs from different background and wanting to work for different industries the relevant trends in the Research and Development field and the PhD-level positions this field has to offer. Thus ensuring you will get hired in the ideal R&D position for you, no matter your PhD background or desired lifestyle.

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Research & Development Society Career Track

$580 Billion R&D Spending In The US (Statista)
8.7% Projected Growth of Global Biopharmaceuticals Market through 2025 (
$28,8 Amazon Yearly Spending In R&D (Amazon)
10+ Industries Currently Investing Heavily On R&D
10% Growth of Biotechnology jobs opportunities by 2026 (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
$635 billion Projected pharmaceutical sales in North America for 2022 (Statista)

Find out more about
Research & Development Society Career Track