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Introducing The User Experience Squad By Cheeky Scientist

User Experience Squad

The User Experience Squad, or UXS, will help you get into a high-paying UX Researcher career where you can leverage your existing technical and communication skills to help companies improve their products and fullfil the expectations of end users. The UXS program leaders and board members are UX Researchers currently working in industry who will mentor you on the process of understanding the UX field, communicating your relevant experience throughout all steps of the hiring process, and getting into the right UX Researcher career for you, no matter your background or target industry. This is the only program specifically for PhDs and designed by PhDs currently working in top UX researcher roles.

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User Experience Squad Career Track

Here Is A Sneak Peek At What UXS Members Get Access To...

Find out more about
User Experience Squad Career Track

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About The User Experience Squad

As soon as you become a UXS member, you get access to the UXS dashboard, which includes 4 modules with 40+ videos and 13 advanced workbooks. You also get access to monthly webinars about relevant topics in UX. Finally, you get lifetime access to a private job referral network of UX Researchers and UX hiring managers and guaranteed feedback from these UX Researchers 24/7 on any job search-related question so you can get hired as a UX Researcher now.

Here’s the Targeted Mentoring You’ll Receive From The User Experience Squad...

Module #1

Breaking Down The User Experience (UX) Field

You know you want to be a UX researcher. You want to develop needed familiarity with the responsibilities that come with the role and how it fits within the UX industry. This module covers…

  • What UX Is. This module explains the value of the surging UX field and defines UX industry-specific terminology. You’ll learn how UX research works with UX design to generate a product that delights customers.
  • The UX Research Process. This module outlines the steps of the UX research process and how UX researchers approach each step. It describes the overall approaches and specific methods UX researchers employ to understand users’ attitudes when interacting with a product.
  • UX Researcher Responsibilities. This module details what activities UX researchers are expected to perform throughout each stage of the product development cycle.
  • Who Hires UX Researchers. This module outlines the different sectors and types of companies that hire UX researchers. You’ll learn the general similarities and differences among UX researcher roles at different types of companies.

Module #2 

What Makes A Successful UX Researcher?

You want to know what being a UX researcher looks like day to day and what skills are needed for success. This module covers…

  • Earning Potential And Lifestyle. This module presents UX researcher salary ranges based on experience, geographic location, and company size. It also describes the lifestyle of a UX researcher and the factors that contribute to job satisfaction in the UX field.
  • A Day In The Life Of A UX Researcher. This module delineates the main activities that UX researchers must perform on a day to day basis. You’ll learn about each of these activities in detail and how much time a UX researcher should expect to contribute to each to achieve their objectives.
  • Essential Skills For UX Researchers. This module details the most sought-after technical and transferable skills that UX Researchers need to succeed. It also explains how you have already developed these skills during your PhD.
  • Professional Resources. To be a top performer in UX research, you will need to hone your skills before, during, and after your transition. This module points you toward professional groups, conferences, blogs, and more that you can use to ensure you stay up to date with the rapidly evolving UX industry.

Module #3

Getting Hired As A UX Researcher

When it comes to securing a job offer as a UX researcher, you can significantly improve your chances with the right techniques. This module covers….

  • Job Search Toolkit. To transition into the UX industry from academia, you will need to reframe your PhD experience using industry-specific keywords. This module provides key insights to help you accomplish this task through your resume, LinkedIn, UX research portfolio, and networking.
  • Building Your Portfolio. A strong UX research portfolio can provide a competitive edge to prospective UX researchers. Additionally, assembling such a portfolio can help you organize your experience. This module explains what your portfolio should include and how to structure it.
  • The UX Researcher Hiring Process. This module describes the phone screen and interview process for UX researchers. You’ll find out how to prepare for both video and on-site interviews, including what specific questions you can expect.
  • Interview Tasks. You will likely be given tasks to test your UX research and communication skills during your interview. You’ll learn what these tasks are and what you can do to make sure you are ready for them.

Module #4

UX Career Trajectory

Now that you have secured a position as a UX researcher what next steps should you take to continue growing professionally and personally? This module covers…

  • The First 90 Days. This module explains what to expect and how to behave during your first few months on the job to set yourself on a trajectory for long-term career success.
  • Vertical Career Progression For UX Researchers. You’ll learn the most common vertical moves in the UX industry and how long it generally takes to climb the ladder.
  • Horizontal Moves Within The UX Industry. As a UX researcher, you will learn about skills that are in-demand for other UX Industry roles. This module outlines these jobs and how you can leverage your experience as a UX researcher to transition into one of them.
  • Future Career Paths. Your UX researcher skills are readily transferable to several different PhD-level jobs in other top industries. You’ll find out what skills you will need to highlight and those you may need to build if you select one of these roles as your next career step.

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User Experience Squad Career Track

The #1 UX Mentoring Program For PhDs Only

This is the only UX mentoring program specifically for PhDs and created by PhDs currently working in industry UX Researcher roles. The UXS board members have already made their transition and currently work in different companies across the world. This program will ensure your transition into a high-paying and well-respected UX Researcher position even if you don’t have industry experience. Once you are hired as a UX Researcher, you will be able to influence the products that will transform your target industry, advocate the importance of good UX, and impact the lives of end users.

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User Experience Squad Career Track

24,000 number of UX researcher job openings worldwide (UX Collective).
22% Expected annual growth rate of the UX market in the next 10 years (Center Centre)
$95,000 is the average salary for UX Researchers in the U.S (Glassdoor)
70% Percentage of CEOs who see investing on UX as a differentiator (UserZoom)
8 in 10 customers are willing to pay more for better customer experience (intechnic)
100 million predicted number of UX professionals in the world by 2050 (Nielsen Normal Group)

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User Experience Squad Career Track