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Krista Meyer

Krista Meyer’s Story

It’s official! I got a great job. I am so thrilled to share my news. I am starting with a company in San Diego, working fully remote, as a Program Manager. Not Surprising, it was networking that eventually brought me to the right person. The first time we spoke, there wasn’t a job. Then a week or 2 later, there was! He reached out to me and shared the JD. I submitted my application. At the time, I thought he was able to refer me to the position. But actually, he was the hiring manager. I skipped the first interview because we had already spoke and went straight to a 2 hour panel interview. I gave a short presentation, met many teammates, and finally the CEO. I had a job offer the very next week. I wanted to send my thanks to you and the cheeky team. It wasn’t my resume or my LinkedIn profile that got me traction in my job search. I have yet to be offered an interview from any application that I submitted without knowing someone, and I submitted many. During the first Friday meeting after joining the program. I reached out to 15 or so other CSA job seekers looking to connect and maybe chat for a few minutes to grow community. It was through one of those connections that I made it, several intros later, to a person who needed me. I also made some great new proffesional friends that I plan to keep close. The focused topics made a difference. I studied the materials and felt really prepared on interview day. My presentation was great, I answered many tricky interview questions seamlessly, asked a bunch of questions of my own, and negotiated my salary like a pro. Can hardly wait to get started! That will make it real. Again, just wanted to share some good news and share how thankful I am for you and the team.

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Success Stories

Mathura Shanmugasundaram, PhD

Mathura Shanmugasundaram, PhD

Associate Director, Global Medical Affairs

Even though I knew how to network and I knew how to present very well, and all the science, I didn't know how to sell myself. The Cheeky Scientist Association really helped me in that sense. It helped me with strategy and with understanding what the industry was looking for. Also there was a rich network of people. They tell you their experiences, encourage you, and also tell you what not to do. I had a very academic CV, so I put it there and everyone told me "Hey, you have what it takes, you're just not putting it there correctly." All of this really made an impact.

Paolo Rusconi, PhD

Paolo Rusconi, PhD

Senior Clinical Project Lead
Zimmer Biomet

When I decided to quit my postdoc I spent some months looking for a position, and I managed to go through some interviews but I was never very successful. So I thought I still needed to optimize my approach to the job search, so I decided that joining the Association would be a good chance to get the most out of the few interviews I managed to get. For sure the most important thing [about the Cheeky Scientist Association] was that the materials were tailored for people with a background in academia. People with this kind of background aren't really prepared to transition into industry because you spending your entire working life in academia. You have to reinvent yourself and understand how things work outside academia.

Jack O'Sullivan, PhD

Jack O'Sullivan, PhD

Senior Sales Specialist

There was a very clear moment as I was trying to break into industry, that I said okay, I need help and I need to change something. It was this moment where I got head hunted by a recruiter for this job that I thought I was absolutely perfect for. I loved the company, knew loads about it, went and smashed the first interview, was going into the second interview, and then it all went wrong. I didn't get it, and I realized I must be doing something fundamentally wrong and needed to make a change. I enrolled in tons of career development programs, I got a mentor, and I found the CSA as well. I just threw myself into everything. A huge difference between the CSA and other career development programs is that it's run by people who have PhDs, have transitioned into industry, know science, and understand the industry really well. The advice I was getting from other sources was great broad advice, but not useful, while the advice I was getting from the CSA was so targeted, so clear.

Priyasri Shotton, PhD

Priyasri Shotton, PhD

Associate Director
Eli Lilly & Co.

The Cheeky Scientist Association modules were awesome. Especially Modules 1 through 3, where it's slow and the onus is on us to do the homework. They teach you that no one's going to do it for you, no one owes you anything. They help you figure out what you want to do. And the group was amazing. Just a great group that helps each other out.

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