40 Networking Scripts Proven To Get PhDs Hired

40 Networking Scripts Proven To Get PhDs Hired

  • Dozens of unique networking scripts designed to help PhDs stop second-guessing themselves and start making valuable connections.
  • Common mistakes PhDs make while networking that you should avoid at all costs.
  • Stepwise categories make it easy to reach your job search goals no matter where you are in your networking journey.
  • Important business etiquette tips, specific to PhDs, that will help you come across as industry-savvy.
  • Which networking goals you should be working toward and what to say to your professional connections that can help you achieve those goals.

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Book Contents

Nurture Your New Connections

Find scripts that make it easy to make a genuine connection with your new contacts – and to keep that rapport up over time

Build Strong Professional Relationships

Get acquainted with the cadence of industry communication and find out how to make staying in touch a habit, not a chore

Stay Connected To Industry Trends

Create your own outreach templates that streamline your communications with existing connections and help you leverage their insights

Cultivate Job Leads

Learn the right way to tactfully ask for your network’s help securing informational interviews, referrals, and other career development opportunities

Who This Book Is For

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“How can my connections help with my job search – and how do I ask them for help?”

PhDs who aren’t familiar with networking etiquette and need guidance about who, when, and how to reach out to their professional connections

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“What can I say, and in what order, to start an impactful conversation with connections?”

PhDs with networking anxiety can use these scripts word-for-word to start new conversations, move stale ones along, or revive ones that are withering

Table Of Contents


Requesting An Informational Interview


Following Up


Building Rapport


Requesting An Introduction

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