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Negotiation Tactics Shown To Increase Offers By 10%

Negotiation Tactics Shown To Increase Offers By 10%

  • Establish a walkaway number for each career track and location.
  • ​Learn how to ask open ended questions to easily increase your base salary.
  • Negotiate items in the right order starting with salary, signing bonus and more.
  • Know exactly what to say when an employer tries to get you commit verbally to an offer.
  • Learn what to put into the job portal when it asks you for your salary expectations.

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Book Contents

Master Salary Negotiations

Follow a step-by-step guide through each part of the salary negotiation process

Calculate Your “Walk-Away” Number

Learn how to arrive at a fair salary range and present evidence to back those numbers up

Keep The Upper Hand During Negotiations

Find word-for-word scripts that keep the negotiations moving forward and in your favor

Stop Self-Sabotage In Its Tracks

Discover the things you absolutely DON’T want to do if you want your negotiations to succeed

Who This Book Is For

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How can I negotiate a salary when I’ve never really earned one before?

PhDs who don’t feel like they have any leverage in negotiations will learn that employers expect job candidates to make a case for the salary they deserve.

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I’ve tried to negotiate my salary in the past and was told that there’s no wiggle room. Isn’t the advertised salary as high as they can go?

PhDs who aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of negotiations will gain access to scripts and strategies they can use to address almost any employer salary objection.

Table Of Contents


Go Into a Negotiation With the Right Mindset


Set Your Walk-away Number


How to Answer Questions About Your Desired Salary


How to Respond to an Initial Salary Offer


Overall Flow of Your Salary Negotiation


Bonus: Things That Will Ruin Your Negotiation

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