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20 Skills To Put On Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile

20 Skills To Put On Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile

  • 20 most popular transferable skills found in today’s resume filtering systems.
  • Which people-oriented, systems-oriented, and self-oriented skills are important to include on your resume.
  • How to build a case to an employer that you already have these transferable skills.
  • How to best include these skills on your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • Which transferable skills are the most important for your career interests and PhD background.

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Book Contents

Impress Employers With In-Demand Skills

Take an in-depth look at some of the most in-demand skills that industry employers are seeking right now

Identify Skills You’ve Built As A PhD

Learn how you can identify which of these transferable skills you already have thanks to your experience in academia

Translate Academic Success Into Industry Terms

Observe the ways smart PhDs communicate skills and outcomes to employers in order to resonate with industry’s bottom-line focus

Discover Careers That Coincidence With Your Skills

Hear more about roles where PhDs with skills like yours are thriving in industry

Who This Book Is For

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How can I determine what skills employers are actively looking for and why?

PhDs who are much more familiar with their technical skills than their transferable ones will learn which skills employers desperately need – and why they’re so important in industry.

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How can I demonstrate my soft skills to employers? Do I just list them under my resume’s Skills section?

PhDs who have identified their soft skills will see examples of how to anchor them to actual experience that employers will understand.

Table Of Contents


20 Transferable Skills


Detailed Explanation of Each

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