Career Accelerators

Career Accelerators

Our Career Accelerators will give you specific job search knowledge and the upper hand in securing your industry dream job.

Our Free Career Accelerators

U.S. Visa Guidelines & Updates for International PhDs

Learn visa guidelines that can help you successfully complete the U.S. immigration process.

Understanding Types Of Intellectual Property For PhDs

Learn about the different types of intellectual property to pursue a career in this field.

7 Skills of a C-Suite Executive

Learn the 7 must-have skills for any Ph.D. looking to enter the industry C-suite.

Negotiations for PhDs

Learn valuable negotiation tips for PhDs.

Advanced Industry Interviews

Learn valuable interview tips for PhDs.

Women In Science Career Tips For PhDs

Learn valuable career tips for women in science. 

Accelerator Series: First 90 Days - Onboarding Plan

Learn how to set yourself apart from other recent hires with our proven 90 day onboarding plan.

Accelerator Series: Cover Letters

56% of hiring manager want applicants to submit a cover letter. Learn the secrets to crafting the perfect cover letter that will get you hired fast.

Biotechnology Careers for PhDs

Learn how to pursue a career in biotechnology.

MBA-Level Business Concepts for PhDs

Learn business frameworks and concepts used in industry to maximize general business management functions. 

Public Speaking for PhDs

Learn how to improve your public speaking skills.

Quick Start Guides

Our Quick Start Guides will help you gain insights into your target industry career track(s).

Free eBooks

We at Cheeky Scientist have condensed the essentials of your job search, from crafting a resume to negotiating a salary contract, into free eBooks.