Quick Start Guides

Quick Start Guides

Our Quick Start Guides will help you gain insights into your target industry career track(s).

Our Free Quick Start Guides

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Quick Start Guide for PhDs

Learn about Quality Assurance and Quality Control careers and how you can leverage your PhD skills to enter this exciting career track.

Business Development Quick Start Guide for PhDs

Business Development is a role that is in-demand in nearly all industry sectors. Learn about the Business Development role and the PhD skills that you must leverage to enter this lucrative career track.

Process Manager Quick Start Guide for PhDs

Learn the role of a Process Manager and the key PhD skills you need to leverage to enter this rewarding career track.

Business Intelligence Analyst Quick Start Guide for PhDs

The Business Intelligence Analyst role is becoming increasingly important in the data-driven modern day world. Learn about the Business Intelligence Analyst role and how you can leverage your PhD skills to transition into this rewarding career track.

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