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Devsmita Das, PhD, is a trained physician with 7 years of experience in public health, neuroscience, and cancer research. Included among her numerous contributions to science are published studies in high-impact journals and international conference presentations. At heart a self-motivated clinical scientist, Devsmita’s passion for data analysis and experimentation are lighthouses in the receding mist of the medical unknown.

Devsmita Das, PhD

Articles Written By Devsmita Das, PhD

3 Things PhDs Must Know To Land A Great Project Manager Job

By: Devsmita Das, PhD

PhDs are highly suited to work in project management. They know how to oversee parallel projects and juggle multiple tasks. They can also coordinate different teams and integrate separate features into a cohesive whole. Industry project managers do the same thing. But there are some key differences PhDs need to understand before they transition into this industry role.

3 Things PhDs Must Know To Become R&D Project Managers

By: Devsmita Das, PhD

If you think that project managers aren’t crucial employees to have, think again - the Project Management Institute reports that 85% of firms have a project management office. If salary is any indication of importance, Glassdoor confirms an average pay of approximately $75,000 annually among project managers. Companies don’t just hand out money like that - project managers are valuable assets. There are a lot of different certification programs for project manager positions, but would you like to know a little secret? You don’t need one. It can certainly help, but if you’re a PhD, you don’t have to pay…