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Karthik Pandalaneni, PhD, is an innovative and self-motivated scientist with years of both industrial and research & management experience. His cross-functional, efficiency-driving work in food science has spanned three countries to date.

Karthik Pandalaneni, PhD

Articles Written By Karthik Pandalaneni, PhD

5 Crucial Resume Facts That Will Boost Your Job Search

By: Karthik Pandalaneni, PhD

Many PhDs spend countless hours on their resume, listing endless accomplishments, responsibilities, publications, presentations, and other information that practically bore industry employers to death. They mass-upload this ridiculous document to online job postings and wait for the job offers to roll in like red carpet on their way to industry success. These PhDs--otherwise sharp and creative people--are shocked when they never hear anything back. The reality is that your resume is probably never even seen by another human being, let alone rejected. Your resume is being rejected by a computer program. JobScan reports that more than 90% of Fortune 500…

What International PhDs Need To Know About Getting A Green Card - Answers To 5 Common Questions

By: Karthik Pandalaneni, PhD

As an international PhD looking to get hired in the US, you face additional hurdles when compared with US citizens. But you are tough and you are determined. You earned a PhD in a new country. You made a place for yourself in a new country. You just need to direct that determination and your intellect toward the process of getting hired in industry in the US. And it starts with educating yourself. Here are the answers to 5 questions that international PhDs often ask about the US green card process.