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Marion Le Voyer, PhD, is a project manager for various initiatives in STEM, science education and outreach, and innovative in-situ analytical products. She works to enact coordination between scientists, educators, and communities.

Marion Le Voyer, PhD

Articles Written By Marion Le Voyer, PhD

Find The Right Industry Position For You With This 3-Step PhD Job Search Strategy

By: Marion Le Voyer, PhD

In academia, your supposed career path is fairly well defined. Get a PhD, do a postdoc(s), publish well, and try to get a professorship. Not so in industry. There are many career paths to choose from. In fact, industry is all-set to be the major employer of PhDs in future. According to the U.S. National Science Foundation’s (NSF’s) biennial Survey of Doctorate Recipients, for the first time in 2017, industry hiring of PhDs was on par with academia. Realize that as a PhD your skillset is incredibly diverse. You just need to adjust your perspective.