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Minsu Kang, PhD, holds a degree in Neuroscience. His chief expertise lies in neurodegenerative diseases, a vast corpus still dense with secrets of life-changing import. Throughout Minsu’s career, he has designed and executed various experiments to study axonal transport defects in Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. From this dedicated brain research has stemmed new neurological discussion - Minsu has shared his exciting findings with local research forums and national conferences for professional societies.

Minsu Kang, PhD

Articles Written By Minsu Kang, PhD

PhDs Have to Know These 5 Facts About Medical Science Liaisons

By: Minsu Kang, PhD

Even at the entry level, a career as a medical science liaison is very lucrative. It’s true that PhDs can expect excellent industry salaries, but medical science liaisons are special cases. Data from Payscale indicates that medical science liaisons with entry-level experience can expect an average base salary of $116K. This is a high-demand position, and it’s reflected in the pay. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor speculated that medical science positions in general are experiencing a faster-than-average growth rate of 8%. Other countries might have different titles for this position, like “medical associate” or something similar, but worldwide, it's a…