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Isaiah Hankel, PhD
Isaiah Hankel, PhD
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Join Isaiah as he reveals the three traits of unproductive people and how that affects their job search

Here’s a quick rundown of this week’s episode…

  • First, Isaiah discusses the first bad trait of unproductive people: indecisiveness
  • Next, Isaiah discusses the second bad trait of unproductive people: not keeping a consistent schedule
  • Next, Isaiah discusses the first bad trait of unproductive people: not knowing how to prioritize

From This Week’s Show… 

Unproductive People Are Indecisive

There are three key traits that unproductive people have in common (other than not getting hired).

First, unproductive people make up their minds slowly and change their minds often. Due to this inability to decide quickly and firmly, they end up being far less successful in life than decisive people.

Unproductive People Can’t Keep A Consiste Schedule

Unproductive people don’t keep a consistent schedule. The problem with never keeping a schedule or never sticking with a routine is that each time you vary from the routine, you have to make a decision on what to do next.

These decisions reduce your mental energy stores. Remember, you only have so much willpower each day. You have a set number of willpower units you can use.

Once your willpower units are used up, your mind is weak. You’ll make bad decisions. Like eating a whole box of cookies before bed. Or staying out late Friday night after a hard week at the office. I know—it happens. The best strategy for avoiding decision fatigue is to fill your life with healthy habits.

Unproductive People Don’t Know How To Prioritize

Unproductive people are horrible at prioritization. If you want to start being more productive in your job search, you need to start prioritizing. You need to start organizing your day sequentially based on your top priorities.

What you spend the most of your time doing is your top priority. You might say something noble is your priority. You might think it’s your top priority. But if you’re not spending most of your time on it—guess what—it’s not your priority.

Start putting first things first. Spend time on whatever your top career and life priorities are first thing in the morning. Do what’s most important when your brain is at its best. Before your willpower units are used up. Then do the second most important thing. Then the third most important thing. And so on.

Unfortunately, unproductive people always avoid the most difficult task of the day. If you want to start being more productive, start doing the thing you dread the most first. Choose the item you want to do the least and execute it in full force.

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