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Isaiah Hankel, PhD
Isaiah Hankel, PhD
Chief Executive Officer Cheeky Scientist

In this episode, Isaiah digs deep into resumes for the recession. You’ll get everything that you need for a strong resume that will catch the right employers’ attention, no matter what job you’re looking for. 

There are 5 resume formats that you need to know about, understand, and utilize to get hired into your first—or next—industry position.

This week on the Cheeky Scientist Radio Show, Isaiah dives deeper into the resume process, showing you exactly how to structure every bullet point, sentence, and line in your resume for maximum impact. Eye-tracking studies have confirmed that employers only spend five to seven seconds on your resume… So what will they remember in five to seven seconds? Isaiah will go through actual resumes from PhDs in the Cheeky Scientist Association, explaining how to transform them into content that will really stick out to employers right now.

Show Excerpt #1: Isaiah discusses your resume’s education section.

If your education is at the top, you are doing it wrong. Employers hate that. You’re leading with your education, which you think is important, but they’re an industry business – it’s time to work, not study. Work experience goes at the forefront. Even if you only have academic experience, this first section will usually take you to your second page. The work experience section needs to be formatted into at least two segments, and no more than three. A lot of PhDs try to do a fifth, sixth, or seventh work experience section because they had something that they did in undergrad or in high school that they think might be relevant. No – just take your most relevant information and put it at the top. 

Show Excerpt #2: Isaiah on bullet points and sidebar resumes.

You want five bullet points in the key industry skill section—the five most important skills for the job that you want. You need to highlight those in your “key industry skills” section. For a technical skill, you could write, “immunohistochemistry skills and expertise. I used an X, Y, Z situation to achieve ABC result.” If it’s a transferable skill if they’re asking for, it can say “scientific due diligence” or “expertise preparing patents resulting in five patent applications.” Highlight the skill at the very beginning—whatever it is. Provide the context and make both it and the result relevant to the position you want… 

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