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Isaiah Hankel, PhD
Isaiah Hankel, PhD
Chief Executive Officer Cheeky Scientist

Join Isaiah as he discusses (and busts) a common job-seeking myth: employer bias against higher ed candidates

Here is a quick rundown of this week’s episode:

  • First Isaiah covers where that bias may have come from over the years and the statistics that say you can beat it
  • Next, he talks about why those misconceptions have stuck around so long and why
  • Finally, Isaiah discusses what PhDs can offer employers and why your PhD makes you a prime candidate in industry

From This Week’s Show…

Finishing Your PhD Used To Be The Only Thing You Could Think About

Now, you’re not even sure you should put it on your resume.

Was it all a huge mistake?

Has your degree actually foiled your chances for a career?

You’ve heard that employers think PhDs just aren’t worth the trouble.

They’ll want too much money. They have no real experience. They’re arrogant. But what do they really think?

It’s true, there are some misconceptions about PhDs in the workforce. Maybe that’s why the number of PhDs in academia has eclipsed those in industry by more than 10% since the 1970s.

But that recently changed by the way. Now there are more PhDs in industry than academia.

You May Also Face The Bias That Employers Think You’ll Just Cut And Run At The First Opportunity

You and every PhD have a lot to offer employers.

But, just like any other job candidate, you’ll face biases and judgements during the job search process.

So be prepared with a solution to the bias. You are valuable and, as mentioned, it’s up to you to communicate this value.

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