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Isaiah Hankel
Isaiah Hankel
Chief Executive Officer Cheeky Scientist

Do you know what it really takes to get a Research Scientist position in industry?

Do you know if this position is  good fit for you?

Do you know how to network effectively to get referrals for Research Scientist positions, how to interview, how to negotiate a Research Scientist salary contract, and what will be expected of you when you start?

In this episode of the Industry Careers for PhDs podcast, we interview Vadim Khaychuk, Ph.D., an industry Research Scientist with experience at leading biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies such as Sanofi Pasteur.

In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • Exactly how to network to get referrals for Research Scientist positions
  • What to do once you get a Research Scientist job referral, including how to follow up and how to interview
  • A complete overview of the timeline from submitting your resume and networking to getting a job offer for Research Scientist positions
  • How to leverage your academic technical skills and your transferable skills to secure a Research Scientist position in industry
  • What will be expected of you within the first 6 months of starting an industry Research Scientist position

Once you listen to the podcast, be sure to ask any questions you have in a comment on our YouTube page here. 

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