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Join Isaiah as he describes the surprising ways industry poses challenges for PhDs first entering industry

Here’s a quick rundown of this week’s episode…

  • First, Isaiah explains why you should walk into your first industry position prepared to spend time adjusting to a new environment
  • Next, Isaiah discusses why onboarding is a challenge for many PhDs coming from academia
  • Finally, Isaiah reveals how your academic mindset will hold you back in industry and what to do about it

From This Week’s Show… 

Why Entering Industry Is Like Traveling To a Foreign Country

Like you, a lot of PhDs dream of the greener pastures offered by the industry career.

You’ve likely heard colleagues rant about how happy they are in their industry roles – and if we’re honest, the pay raise speaks for itself.

But what many don’t recognize is that the transition into industry can be a major shock to the system.

It’s like traveling to a foreign country where the language, culture, and food are entirely different from what you’re accustomed to.

And so, like traveling to a foreign country, entering the land of industry often requires an adjustment.

So today, I want to walk you through some of the typical challenges PhDs face when transitioning into industry.

Why Onboarding Poses Challenges For Most PhDs

The first challenge is onboarding. 38% of PhDs report onboarding as a significant challenge.

That’s because industry works on a completely different timeline.

Where academia runs slow, industry is fast. For PhDs that had a lot of autonomy in terms of timelines in academia, working under tight deadlines in industry can be a challenge.

So, take full advantage of your onboarding period – it’s the best time to practice time management.

And the good news is, unlike academia, you’re not working alone.

If you find that your plate is full, you can often speak to your team to see if some of the work can be distributed or if they have advice on how best to manage the situation.

Why Your Academic Mindset Presents Serious Challenges In Industry

The second challenge is getting promoted or asking for a raise.

21% of PhDs report promotions and raises as their biggest challenge in industry. To combat this, start by understanding the typical trajectory of your career.

Many PhDs don’t even take this first step because they’re not used to upward mobility.

But many companies have a standardized promotional and raise system in place.

To get the next promotion or pay raise, you have to voice your desires to upper management.

If they know what you’re striving for, they can help you get there.

They will likely give you a checklist of things they look for when considering someone for a promotion.

Expressing your interest also shows your commitment and your dedication to the job and the company.

So, speak up and you’re more likely to remain on their radar.

Overall, to succeed in industry, you have to accept that things operate differently than they do in academia.

And you’ll have to start understanding these differences now, not later if you want to get hired into industry.

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