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Isaiah Hankel, PhD
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Join Isaiah as he explores five career options for PhDs interested in working with green tech and sustainability

In this week’s episode…

  • First, Isaiah points out that climate change has created a fast-growing industry: sustainability
  • Next, he explores fives careers perfect for PhDs who are interested in leveraging their skills to lead change in sustainability
  • Finally, Isaiah shares a few skills that PhDs can focus on developing if they want the competitive edge in their green job search

Sustainability And Responsible Manufacturing Are Top Priorities For Industry Businesses

Sustainability is a rapidly growing field – one that’s becoming increasingly important as the world faces the challenges of climate change and environmental degradation. 

According to a 2022 report by KPMG, all of the world’s top 250 companies report on sustainability, and another 80% of global businesses have followed suit. 

The reasons for sustainable business practices go beyond a good moral compass – it’s good optics for a company’s brand, and it can lead to wider profit margins and a decrease in loss or waste. 

Companies know they’re going to have to invest in green tech and analysis, and that means that there are a wide variety of career opportunities for PhD graduates with a background in sustainability, environmental sciences, or environmental data collection. 

Science And Engineering PhDs Make Successful Environmental Consultants

Today, we will explore five of the most promising careers in sustainability that are perfect for PhD graduates. 

The first is an Environmental Consultant. 

Environmental consultants work with businesses and organizations to help them become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

They may conduct audits, assess the environmental impact of projects and provide recommendations for reducing waste, conserving resources, and reducing emissions. 

This is a great career choice for PhD graduates who have a background in environmental science or engineering. 

Sustainability Policies Need PhDs To Educate Others About, Advise On, And Enforce

A second role where PhDs thrive is in the role of Energy Policy Advisor. 

Energy policy advisors work with government agencies and organizations to develop policies and programs that promote sustainable energy sources and energy efficiency while making recommendations on best scientific practices. 

They may also conduct research on the latest developments in renewable energy technology and help to develop regulations to support the transition to a low-carbon economy. 

This is an ideal career for PhD graduates with a background in energy, economics, or environmental policy. 

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