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Isaiah Hankel, PhD
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Join Isaiah as he shares genius strategies that PhDs need to get hired into high-paying industry jobs where they can create an impact

Here’s a quick rundown of this week’s episode…

  • First, Isaiah explains why PhDs need genius strategy to get hired into high-paying industry jobs
  • Next, Isaiah reveals how to make an effort to do the uncomfortable
  • Finally, Isaiah describes the genius strategies that make PhD job search painless

From This Week’s Show… 

Why PhDs Need Genius Strategies To Get Hired Into High-Paying Industry Jobs

Strategies are important for success. Even the PhD Job search warrants genius strategies to cut the job search in half. You may think there’s no way to get hired faster. No way you can demystify the job search process any faster. Often PhDs feel at ease in taking a back seat in the next step of their career. Sinking into that comfortable analysis paralysis that a lot of us PhDs become too familiar with in academia. Thinking is great but action is necessary. 

Playing scenarios in your head is not a strategy. You will not come any closer to the goal just by thinking. To get hired every PhD has to grow out of the mind palace. Thinking will not make you more productive. Think how to execute better. You can improve efficiency and effectiveness both. Ask yourself. 

So what are the most impactful things you can do? How can you get the biggest benefit for the minimum effective dose in terms of your time?

Make An Effort To Do The Uncomfortable

PhD job search needs strategy. It is not easy. You have to do things that are uncomfortable. There’s going to be a barrier to entry. Reaching out to somebody you don’t know is going to be uncomfortable. It’s somehow hard but is the most effective thing to do. Overcome the painful sense of discomfort. This discomfort is in vain since reaching out is productive and the correct strategy. And when you do anything over time, it becomes easier. Don’t neglect it’s a skill, a muscle. You have to use it. 

It becomes uncomfortable to have conversations with people if you go an extended period of time, not talking to as many people as you used to. In academia, PhDs speak a lot less compared to somebody that works at a media company. But if you were in that environment for an extended period of time, you would adapt. And then if you went back to academia you would find it really quiet. 

As PhDs you have been contributing to someone else’s career, not yours. PhDs are used to keeping somebody else happy. Much used to their current structure, framework, schedule and varying outside of that makes them very uncomfortable. 

But you have to stretch yourself in some areas. These strategies help. It will help you demystify the job search faster. 

Genius Strategies To Make PhD Job Search Painless

These are the genius productivity strategies that actual PhDs have used to slash the amount of time and effort they’ve had to use in their job search. The first one burning the ships. You’re prioritizing academia. Doing something beyond that scope makes you uncomfortable. You have to realize that when you have a new goal, you have to catch your habits, rituals, daily routine, up to that goal. So burn the ships. Prioritize your job search first. Make your career your top priority right now.  

Commit to yourself. Think about spending as much time as possible on your job search. Even if you can’t take a job offer right now, just get some experience with it. Commit to  never going back to academia. So you have to commit to go into the industry. period.

Only the end  should matter. 

Focus on companies. Understand the company. Familiarize yourself with the hierarchy, the structure and  possibilities. Learn which companies can hire you. Understand the landscape.What is the job? Where’s the job title originating from the company? What else is at the company? Find the contacts, the people you need to get in touch with, whether it’s the hiring manager, the recruiter. If you understood the companies in your space, that would still be a drop in the bucket for the millions out there that will hire you. Every company has slightly different job titles. Some of them are interchangeable like the most ubiquitous ones. Many of them are unique to the company. 

Communicate your value, your speed of learning, your ability to present data effectively to the employer. These are the advantages PhDs have over other job candidates. 

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