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Isaiah Hankel, PhD
Isaiah Hankel, PhD
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Join Isaiah as he explores ways to make your networking efforts feel more valuable and your connections feel more genuine.

Here’s a quick rundown of this week’s episode…

  • First, Isaiah examines why networking feels like a chore
  • Next, he explains why some professional bonds feel stronger than others
  • Finally, Isaiah offers a few alternatives to traditional in-person networking strategies

From This Week’s Show…

I think we can all agree that events solely focused on networking can be painful and awkward.

They also result in weaker professional relationships. That’s because these events don’t foster activities or interactions that promote a strong bond.

The most tried-and-true way of establishing meaningful connections is through commonality: a common goal, or a common interest.

Research has shown that strong professional relationships are founded through high-stake scenarios.

For example, two people are tasked with completing a project together. When people work together on something they’re relying on each other for support.

Now, you not only have a shared interest, but a shared experience.

Consider Less Conventional Opportunities For Networking

To establish strong professional relationships, look beyond events solely focused on networking.

Join the board of a non-profit, organize a fundraising event, attend local hackathons.

It may seem like these activities have nothing to do with your career, but you never know what connections are going to help you land a job.

Being Authentic Forges Authentic Connections

Another tactic is to become a master of your own interests.

Are you a foodie with a refined palette? Do you love telling people about your most recent restaurant exploits – giving them all the fine details of the meal?

Lean into this.

The act of becoming a connoisseur of something you enjoy may seem irrelevant to your job search, but what it does is make you more memorable and interesting.

When you do this, you provide people with an opportunity to reach out to you.

Few people have pressing research emergencies that require your sound advice – but what they may need is your input on where to take their wife or husband for their birthday dinner.

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