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Isaiah Hankel, PhD
Isaiah Hankel, PhD
Chief Executive Officer Cheeky Scientist

Did you know that you can meld your scientific skills with business know how?

Do you want to advance into a high-level management position in industry?

In this episode of Cheeky Scientist Radio, we will walk you through the strategies you can use to leverage your PhD skills and advance into C-suite industry positions. 

Our guest is Himanshu Gadgil, Ph.D. the Chief Scientific Officer at Enzene Biosciences.

He shares his account of how PhDs can leverage their skills to gain C-suite positions and brings a unique account of working in the Indian biotech industry.

In this podcast, you’ll find:

  • Show Me The Data – The benefits of doing R&D in industry and why moving beyond the bench is a good thing
  • Becoming A C-Suite Scientist – Himanshu Gadgil, Ph.D. discusses how PhDs can leverage their skills to gain C-suite positions

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