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Isaiah Hankel, PhD
Isaiah Hankel, PhD
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Rejection is one of the hardest things to face in your job search. But every rejection comes with a hard truth and a lesson to get hired into your dream job!

Join Isaiah as he shares with you 13 reasons why you are being excluded from employers and how to overcome them.

Here’s a quick rundown of this week’s episode…

  • First, Isaiah explains why NOW is the best time for your job search.
  • Next, Isaiah shares 13 reasons why you and your mindset are holding you back from getting that job.
  • Throughout, Isaiah offers advice on what you can do to avoid these setbacks.

From This Week’s Show…

The Crucial Period To Get Hired

Today, I’m talking to you about 13 reasons that you’re not being hired. 

We are entering a crucial period. We’re already in it. This crucial period of hiring, there is a “hiring boom”  occurring right now.

There’s going to be a massive hiring freeze. They’re trying to hire everybody they can right now. We’ve got about a six week period of hiring. Only five of these weeks are left. Are you going to be hired?

13 Reasons You’re Being Excluded By Employers

You hear me talking about the transferable skills that give rise to the specific technical skills, but you’re still evading reality thinking that your impressive sounding technical skill is what’s going to get you hired. 

People blame everybody but themselves. They rather blame others than changing their behavior and their attitude. People even blame that fact that cold contacting people or networking exists. You can hate the idea of networking from scratch, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to be above it. 

The idea of rejection, the idea of putting in a lot of effort and not getting hired, the idea of companies not wanting you, of you having to get off your mountaintop of academia  and start at the bottom of another mountain of industry makes you hedge your bets. Look, you’re going to get rejected in a job search. It’s normal.

The number one way you can reduce risk is by showing them [employers] certainty that this is the one job you want. This is your top choice company and top choice position and everything you’ve done has prepared you to work in that position and you will not let them down. 

You need to use recession based language. Talk about risk management, risk mitigation, change management, flexibility, regulatory acumen, things that have to do with reducing risk because you’re in a recession. 

Don’t be afraid to show commitment. In academia, we almost have a commitment mentally purged from our psyche. It’s good to have that when it comes to being critical of the data and making sure you’re doing things correctly in a reproducible way. It’s not good when it comes to getting a job, you want to show certainty. 

You have to pay attention to every detail in the entire sequence and sequence matters. Think of a protocol or a lesson plan. You can’t do the last thing first and the first thing last and think that your experiments are going to work or the lesson plan is going to be executed the same for every class. 

Finally, you’re emotional. We like to think we’re very logical. We’re going into a new domain. It’s okay to be scared of your job search. It’s a black box for many of us. 

If you do this, if you avoid these 13 things that I just talked about, these 13 reasons why you’re really stuck in your job search or being excluded, you will get hired. 

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