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Join Isaiah as he reveals how understanding the industry hiring funnel can help PhDs get hired in high paying industry jobs

Here’s a quick rundown of this week’s episode…

  • First, Isaiah explains why some PhDs fail to get hired in the industry
  • Next, Isaiah reveals what PhDs fail to see in the industry hiring process
  • Finally, Isaiah describes how understanding the industry hiring funnel can be leveraged to get hired in high paying positions

From This Week’s Show… 

Why Some PhDs Fail To Get Hired In The Industry

PhD job search is not easy. Understanding the expectations is crucial. Many PhD-level job candidates fail to get hired in industry. Just  because they incorrectly align their efforts with what the hiring funnel looks like from an employer’s perspective. The hiring funnel is the company’s increasingly stringent workflow. This is the selection process  that job candidates go through on their way to being hired. 

On an average, companies receive about 250 resumes per day. Larger companies receive more than that. But out of those resumes only 12 to 15 of the job candidates will be invited for the phone screen interview. Companies stop reading resumes after they’ve read 10% of them. An even  smaller percentage of candidates from the phone screen will proceed to the next step. Out of the 12 to 15 people the company does a phone screen with, only three or four will be called for a video interview. Finally, only one or two job aspirants will be invited  for a site visit. 

What PhDs See In The Industry Hiring Process

Industry hiring process is different and so are the expectations from candidates. Most job candidates only focus on resumes and interviews. PhDs start their job search with excitement. Updating their resume then uploading it to a job site. They feel accomplished. Because they worked towards their job search process. It is all they can see of the hiring process. 

However, they’re not looking at what needs to go on behind the scenes to disrupt this funnel. Not thinking about how they can accelerate themselves through the funnel. Or atleast skip certain parts of the funnel, or guarantee their progress from one stage to another. Instead, they only see the resume start of the funnel and the site visit interview end of the funnel.

Understanding The Industry Hiring Funnel

Learn the industry hiring process. Ask a few questions. What if I could skip the resume stage of the funnel altogether and not be one of 525 resumes? Is that possible? Who could I talk with to schedule a phone screen today? Could I get hired without a site visit? Or get a job offer right after a video interview? How could I make myself the best job candidate?  Could I skip the funnel all together? How could I create my own funnel and get multiple companies to fight over me? 

All of these are possible. You can do all of these things. Have multiple job offers. Leverage one offer against the other. When you get a job offer from one company, you can go back to every company you have been talking to and ask them to push you all the way through their hiring funnel. You can ask them to give you a job offer so you can consider their offer before taking a position somewhere else.

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