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Isaiah Hankel, PhD
Isaiah Hankel, PhD
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3 flavors of transferable skills

Join Isaiah as he discusses how you can identify your professional values and why they are important in your job search

Here’s a quick rundown of this week’s episode…

  • First, Isaiah considers certain questions you can ask yourself to pinpoint your professional values
  • Next, Isaiah talks about your personal “code of conduct” and how that relates to your professional values
  • Finally, Isaiah explains why understanding your values is important for your transition

From This Week’s Show… 

Questions You Should Ask Yourself To Identify Your Professional Values

Reflect back to meaningful moments that stand out to you professionally. What was happening to you? What was going on around you? What values were you honoring at this time?

Now, go in the opposite direction by considering your “suppressed values”; consider a time when you got angry, frustrated, or upset. What was going on around you? What were you feeling? Now flip those feelings around. What values were being suppressed?

Why You Need To Be Aware Of Your Personal “Code Of Conduct”

Many people don’t realize until far too late in life that they have their own life rules and that these rules collectively are different from everyone else’s rules.

What are your rules? What’s most important in your life? Beyond your basic human needs, what must you have in your life to experience fulfillment? Creative self-expression? A strong level of health and vitality? A sense of adventure? Constant growth? Always learning?

How Your Professional Values Relate To Your Job Search

By understanding your values, you will understand your priorities, which in turn will help you understand the lifestyle you are chasing and the company culture most capable of giving you that lifestyle.

The good news is that industry employers spend billions on creating and maintaining a culture that will provide their employees with professional lifestyles.

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