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Best Industry Transition Articles For PhDs (February 8th, 2020)

Every week, we scour the Internet for the best industry transition articles for PhDs – so you don’t have to!

Our two consultants independently search for the most informative articles in the categories of networking, CVs/resumes, interviews, transferable skills, academic blues, industry positions, and business acumen.

Our consultants vote on a top article for each category and a top overall article for the week.

This week’s best articles are…

Top Overall

Top Overall: The 10 most-anticipated drug launches of 2020 –  Kyle Blankenship, Angus Liu


Top: 7 LinkedIn Tactics To Attract RecruitersRobin Ryan

Finding a Mentor. What I learned from a guest lecturer who changed my life Nicole Serena Silver

10 Ways Newer Entrepreneurs Can Expand Their Network – Expert Panel, Young Entrepreneur Council

3 ways to build a community that leads to business success – Ngan Nguyen


Top: The Better Way to Word These 7 Common Cover Letter PhrasesAnnaMarie Houlis

Google’s director of talent explains how to write a killer résumé – Stephanie Vozza

Why I Just Rewrote My Resume – William Vanderbloemen

What should a resume look like in 2020 – Pamela Grossman


Top: Never ask these 5 questions during job interviews — ask these 4 alternatives insteadDeborah Sweeney

The 5 Best Interview Questions Candidates Ask During Job InterviewsTerina Allen

7 common job interview questions that are actually illegalAli Parr

15 most common job interview mistakes to avoid – Ryan Mutuku

Transferable Skills

Top: Cultivate soft skills to climb up the professional ladder – Aravind Kumar Rajendran

Rethinking your learning and career development – Alex Badenoch

How Can You Assess Your Career Fitness? – Jelena Radonjic

Critical thinking: the art of asking questions – Emma Sue Prince

Academic Blues

Top: A person before a PhD: understanding and combatting an academic identity crisisRobert Seaborne

Three bad reasons to do a postdocKarin Bodewits

Out of office replies and what they can say about you – Stephana Cherak

Value people as well as papers to improve research culture – Christopher Jackson

Industry Positions

Top: Three Ways To Ensure Your Career Success At A StartUp – Eric Guidice

3 important ways entrepreneurs think differently than other business people – Jeff Cornwall

What Product Managers Do And How To Become One – Sophia Matveeva

Get Hired for a Remote Job by Doing These 3 Things – Luke Thomas

Business Acumen

Top: The 10 most-anticipated drug launches of 2020 –  Kyle Blankenship, Angus Liu

So long, and thanks for all the research: UK is out, but what does the future hold?Éanna Kelly, Richard L. Hudson, and Florin Zubașcu

GSK Sets Plan to Split the Company into Two Separate Entities – Alex Keown

EU to strengthen green energy R&D partnerships with Africa – Florin Zubașcu


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Isaiah Hankel

Chief Executive Officer at Cheeky Scientist
Isaiah Hankel holds a PhD in Anatomy and Cell Biology. An expert in the biotechnology industry, he specializes in helping other PhDs transition into cutting-edge industry career tracks.

Isaiah believes--from personal experience--that if you feel stuck somewhere in your life, it’s a clear sign that you need to make a change. Don’t sit still and wait for the world to tell you what to do. Start a new project. Build your own business. Take action. Experimentation is the best teacher.

Isaiah is an internationally recognized Fortune 500 consultant, CEO of Cheeky Scientist, and author of the straight-talk bestsellers Black Hole Focus and The Science of Intelligent Achievement.
Isaiah Hankel


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