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Best Industry Transition Articles Of The Week For PhDs (January 24th, 2016)

Best Industry Transition Articles For PhDs June 20 2015

Every week we scour the Internet to find the best industry transition articles for PhDs, so you don’t have to.

We have two consultants independently search for the most informative articles on networking, CVs/resumes, transferable skills, interviews, academic blues, and industry positions.

Our consultants vote on a top article for each category and for a top overall article each week. This week’s best articles are…

Top Overall

*What Does Industry Look For In A PhD Candidate?* – Doug Kalish


TOP LinkedIn Summaries For Job Seekers – Gayle Howard

10 Unconventional Networking Strategies That Get Results – John Muscarello

Networking: Resolve To Relate – Matthew Von Ertfelda

7 Tricks For Never Forgetting Your Manners Anywhere In The World – Jacqueline Whitmore

How To Manage Your Online Brand – Penelope Trunk


TOP What Your Resume Should Look Like In 2016 – Daniel Bortz

Your Background Is Amazing – But Your Resume Stinks! – Liz Ryan

Your Cheat Sheet To 22 Commonly Misspelled Words – Sara McCord

Does Your CV Pass The 30 Second Speed Test? – Neville Rose


TOP How To Impress In A Tough Job Interview – Andrew Fennell

How To Reply To A Job Rejection With Astonishing Grace – Julie Walraven

5 Questions To Ask In A Job Interview – Dan Schawbel

Your Negotiation Outcomes Will Suck Until Your Do These 5 Things – Lisa Gates

Transferable Skills

TOP Using Your Research For Change – M. V. Lee Badgett

What Are You Looking For In Your Career? – Barb Poole

How To Learn New Career Skills – Miriam Salpeter

How Improv Classes Gave Me The Tools To Be A Better Public Speaker – Jeff Miller

Academic Blues

TOP The Road Ahead For Life Science PhDs – Dr. Debojyoti Dhar

From PhD To Science Education –  Desiree Stanley

Career Advice By The Book – Natalie Lundsteen

How To Make Your Mind Happy: 5 Secrets To Mindfulness – Eric Barker

Industry Positions

TOP What Does Industry Look For In A PhD Candidate? – Doug Kalish

10 Ways To Accelerate Your Job Search – Jenny Foss

Finding Job Satisfaction In A Health Nonprofit – Jack Leeming

The 8 Basic Steps You Need To Nail In Your Job Search – Alyse Kalish

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Cathy Sorbara, Ph.D. & Arunodoy Sur, Ph.D.

Cathy Sorbara, Ph.D. & Arunodoy Sur, Ph.D.

Cathy has a PhD in Medical Life Science and Technology and currently works as a publishing editor in Cambridge, England. Arunodoy is a PhD in Integrative Biology and has training in intellectual property, entrepreneurship, and venture capitalism.
Cathy Sorbara, Ph.D. & Arunodoy Sur, Ph.D.
  • Matthew Smithson PhD

    Wow, this is quite an impressive list. So far, I’ve only had time to read the first one, but it was exceptionally informative.

  • Carlie Stevenson, PhD

    I liked “The Road Ahead for Life Science PhDs.” It underscored many of my suspicions about the outlook for many upcoming graduate, and also explained some of the principles I learned in my own job search. In short, be flexible and willing to learn outside of your own area; be prepared for changes in culture between academia and industry; and develop a feel for how your skills can benefit a corporation even if it’s not obvious at first glance.

  • Kathy Azalea

    Wow, these are eye-opening! Thanks so much. I’m sharing it with all the other PhD candidates so we can all benefit.