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Best Industry Transition Articles Of The Week For PhDs (June 1st 2019)

Every week we scour the Internet to find the best industry transition articles for PhDs, so you don’t have to.

We have two consultants independently search for the most informative articles on networking, CVs/resumes, interviews, transferable skills, academic blues, industry positions, and business acumen.

Our consultants vote on a top article for each category and for a top overall article each week. This week’s best articles are…

Top Overall

*‘Cracks In The Ivory Tower’* – Scott Jaschik


TOP 25 Inspiring Ideas For What To Post On LinkedIn – Hannah Morgan

4 Easy Scripts For Making Real Connections At Networking Events – Shelcy V. Joseph

5 Keys To Building Networks Over Time Alexandra Levit

Networking: The Icing On A Good Resume Or Business – Nazareno Mario Ciccarello  


TOP What It Really Means To “Tailor Your Resume” – Lily Zhang

10 Quick CV Tips! – Sarah Blackford

13 Must-have Words To Include In Your Resume – Amy Elisa Jackson

How I Explained A Gap In My CV When Applying To Graduate School – Jasper Elan Hunt


TOP Tips On Securing A Job Interview When You’re Over 50 – Charlotte Grainger

Job Interview Question: “How Do Handle A Challenge?” – Alison Doyle

6 Ways To Strike The Right Tone In Your Job Interview – Judith Humphrey

How To Ace A Skype Interview – Rebecca Sewkarran

Transferable Skills

TOP 4 Steps To Become An In-Demand Digital Employee – Christian Farioli

5 Skills You’ll Hone As A Journalism Major That You Can Use In Other Careers Too – Evan Silvera

How To Land A Job You’re Not Qualified For – Jared Lindzon

9 Human Resources Skills Employers Are Looking For (+How To Highlight Them On Your Resume) – Lauren Pope

Academic Blues

TOP ‘Cracks In The Ivory Tower’ – Scott Jaschik

School’s (Somewhat) Out For Summer: Five Tips To Help Academics Make The Most Of The Season – Neil A. Lewis, Jr., Jay J. Van Bavel , June Gruber, Leah H. Somerville, William A. Cunningham

The Doc Mom – Chandrima Home

University Counselling Services ‘Inundated By Stressed Academics’ – Hannah Richardson

Industry Positions

TOP The Most Important Sales Skill Of All – Geoffrey James

7 Skills For A Successful Law Career – Jemma Smith

Can Data Be Human? The Work Of Giorgia Lupi – Alexandra Lange

Top 10 Jobs For People Who Want To Save The World – Jen Hubley Luckwaldt

Business Acumen

TOP Three Critical Aspects Of Design Thinking For Big Data Solutions – Quang Lee

Where The Educated Millennials Congregate – Justin Fox

Chinese Pharmaceutical Companies Are Ready To Take On Big Pharma – Sebastian Gensoir

India’s Pharma & Healthcare Market To 2023 – Generic Drugs Account For Around 75% Of The Indian Pharmaceutical Market By Volume: Researchandmarkets.Com  Business Wire

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