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Best Industry Transition Articles Of The Week For PhDs (March 4th, 2018)

Every week we scour the Internet to find the best industry transition articles for PhDs, so you don’t have to.

We have two consultants independently search for the most informative articles on networking, CVs/resumes, interviews, transferable skills, academic blues, industry positions, and business acumen.

Our consultants vote on a top article for each category and for a top overall article each week. This week’s best articles are…

Top Overall

*5 Ways To Get Over Your Fear Of Public Speaking* – Mark Bonchek and Mandy Gonzalez


TOP 30 Eminently Sensible LinkedIn Etiquette Suggestions (2018) – Andy Foote

It’s Not If It’s Going To Be Awkward, It’s When: A Beginner’s Guide To Successful Networking – Mike Davies

6 Common Mistakes Even The Most Professional People Make At Networking Events – Hillel Fuld

The Five Levels Of A Referral – Ivan Misner


TOP Resume Writing Tips For 2018 – Eric Titner

3 Resume Tweaks To Help Scientists Get A Job In The Private Sector – Porschia Parker

Words And Phrases To Remove From Your Resume Right Away – Amanda Augustine

6 Useful Skills Every Employer Will Be Looking For On Résumés In 2018 – Connie Chen


TOP Pre-Interview Prep: It’s Never Too Early to Get Started – Hannah Morgan

How To Write A Job Interview Thank-You Note – Alison Doyle

5 Steps To Mastering Phone Interviews – Jon Simmons

These Job Interview Mistakes Will Guarantee You Don’t Get Hired – Kathryn Vasel

Transferable Skills

TOP 5 Ways To Get Over Your Fear Of Public Speaking – Mark Bonchek and Mandy Gonzalez

10 Essential Project Manager Skills – Joseph Phillips

5 Body Language Tips For Presenters – Kelly Allison

Transferable Skills: What To Highlight On Your Resume – Debra Wheatman

Academic Blues

TOP The Secret PhD Productivity Strategy: Do Deep Work In Less Hours – Olga Pougovkina

How I Learned To Ask For Help While Maintaining My Independence – Nicole Forrester

Reevaluating The Role Of Staff Scientists – Irini Topalidou

The Extra Bits Of A Grant Application: A Cheat Sheet – Katherine Christian

Industry Positions

TOP You Were Promoted To A Leadership Role But You Feel Unprepared — Don’t Panic – Ashley Stahl

Interview Insider: Tips On How To Get Hired At Amgen – Mark Terry

Job Description And Salary: Supply Chain Management – Kristina Zucchi

The Three Skills Product Managers Need To Succeed – Noah Askin

Business Acumen

TOP Equity Vs. Salary: What You Need To Know (FB, GOOG) – Poonkulali Thangavelu

The U.S. Economy Is Suffering From Low Demand. Higher Wages Would Help James Manyika, Jaana Remes, and Jan Mischke

How Monopolies Impact The Economy – Kimberly Amadeo

Startup Cofounders Who Sold Their First Startup To Google For $70 Million And Their Second For $1.9 Billion Reveal How They Built Wildly Successful Businesses Twice – Lydia Ramsey

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Luis A. Gomez-Sarosi, Ph.D. and Mary Truscott, Ph.D.

Luis A. Gomez-Sarosi, Ph.D. and Mary Truscott, Ph.D.

Luis, a Biochemistry PhD and cancer biology research scientist, is currently a StarShip Innovation Fellow at EIT - European Institute of Innovation and Technology. Mary Truscott is a communications consultant. She completed her Ph.D. in Biochemistry at McGill University.
Luis A. Gomez-Sarosi, Ph.D. and Mary Truscott, Ph.D.