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Best Industry Transition Articles Of The Week For PhDs (October 26th, 2019)

Every week, we scour the Internet for the best industry transition articles for PhDs – so you don’t have to!

Our two consultants independently search for the most informative articles in the categories of networking, CVs/resumes, interviews, transferable skills, academic blues, industry positions, and business acumen.

Our consultants vote on a top article for each category and a top overall article for the week.

This week’s best articles are…

Top Overall

Top Overall: Women in the Workplace 2019 – Jess Huang, Alexis Krivkovich, Irina Starikova, Lareina Yee, and Delia Zanosch


Top: 5 unique ways candidates have made themselves stand out in the job application process – Jessica Zapier-Greene

Network Your Way to a Successful Transition – Anthony Grant

10 LinkedIn Secrets to Get Discovered by Recruiters and Grow Your Network – Madison Mento

This Is One Decision That Can Absolutely Ruin Your Career Success – Terina Allen


Top: 10 Unexpected Ways to Use Cover Letters – Katharine Hansen

10 Tips On How To Craft A Perfect Resume – Kerim Hudson

How ‘Showing Your Work’ Is The New Résumé – Goldie Chan

Recruiters at Amazon and Google Say They Always Want to See ‘Format Number 3’ – Bill Murphy Jr.


Top: Mastering The Art Of The Follow-Up Email In The Job Interview Process – Chris Westfall

50 Most Common Interview Questions – Glassdoor

How to Answer ‘Why Do You Want to Work Here?’ in a Job Interview – Josh Ocampo

Tips to Help You with Your Next Supply Chain Interview – SCM Talent Group

Transferable Skills

Top: Identifying and Communicating Transferable Skills for Life Sciences Professionals – Katharine Hansen, Ph.D.

How Academia Could Help Close the Technology Skills Gap – Ryan Foltz

Microsoft Office, data analytics, virtual assistant top most-wanted job skills – N.F. Mendoza

The Hidden Skillset of a Senior Manager – Chrisa Donovan

Academic Blues

Top: The 3 Most Important Questions Every Prospective Grad Student Must Face – Ethan Siegel

Maintaining balance in graduate school: Coping strategies for academic life – Sarah Tynen

Grad students to thesis committees: no more hors d’oeuvres – Adam Ruben

Post-Ph.D. job searches are tough. Here’s how I escaped Dr. Seuss’s ‘Waiting Place’ – Nathan Pickle

Industry Positions

Top: Improve your Chances of Becoming a Clinical Research Associate – Zeke Misner

Transitioning from postdoc researcher to gig-economy scientist – Amanda Niehaus

Multiple skills key to a medical research career – Sue White

Why is Supply Chain Such a Great Career Path? – Supply Chain Game Changer

Business Acumen

Top: Women in the Workplace 2019 – Jess Huang, Alexis Krivkovich, Irina Starikova, Lareina Yee, and Delia Zanosch

5 Biotech and Pharmaceutical Innovation Trends in 2019 – Charlie Harper

Silent (R)evolution in Medical Affairs Through the Power of Partnerships and Collaborations – Aleksander Bedenkov, Carmen Moreno, Ryan Bate, Andrey Ipatov, Filip Surmont, and Maarten Beekman

Preparing for Success: Advancing Site-Sponsor Relationships – WIRB-Copernicus Group (WCG)


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Isaiah Hankel Ph.D.

Isaiah Hankel Ph.D.

Isaiah is a Ph.D. in Anatomy & Cell Biology and internationally recognized Fortune 500 consultant. He is an expert in the biotechnology industry and specializes in helping people transition into cutting-edge career tracks.

Isaiah believes that if you feel stuck somewhere in your life right now, you should make a change. Don’t sit still and wait for the world to tell you what to do. Start a new project. Build your own business. Take action. Experimentation is the best teacher.
Isaiah Hankel Ph.D.