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Industry Transition Spotlight: Myriam Attar, PhD

Transcript excerpt from an interview with Myriam Attar, Ph.D.

My name is Myriam Attar. I transitioned into a role as an MSL, with Pfizer. I’ll be working in dermatology.

Before that, I took the path of least resistance and I did a postdoc.

The first one in breast cancer, the second one in lung cancer.

Both times funding ran out.

I got sick of the job insecurity, not to mention the long hours.

One of the best things The Association has encouraged me to do is to reach out to people, get informational interviews, talk to more people about what they do, and how they transitioned.

I kept hearing the same story over and over again:

 ‘I met someone, they referred me to another person, and then that person gave me my job.’

So, I started networking outside of academia and started reaching out to more professionals.

And I think that made a huge difference.

Ultimately my referral came from someone in The Association.

So in that spirit of we’re not each other’s competitors.

We’re not competing for the same jobs, there’s a lot of space for everybody.

I thought it was a very generous thing for a person who’s looking for a job to refer me to something they didn’t want.

And– we signed our new job offer contracts the same week.

You know, being generous with people just pays off.

There’s a sense of comradery in The Association– you’re not in this alone.

Watch the video to hear Myriam’s complete transition story.

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Isaiah Hankel

Chief Executive Officer at Cheeky Scientist
Isaiah Hankel holds a PhD in Anatomy and Cell Biology. An expert in the biotechnology industry, he specializes in helping other PhDs transition into cutting-edge industry career tracks.

Isaiah believes--from personal experience--that if you feel stuck somewhere in your life, it’s a clear sign that you need to make a change. Don’t sit still and wait for the world to tell you what to do. Start a new project. Build your own business. Take action. Experimentation is the best teacher.

Isaiah is an internationally recognized Fortune 500 consultant, CEO of Cheeky Scientist, and author of the straight-talk bestsellers Black Hole Focus and The Science of Intelligent Achievement.
Isaiah Hankel


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